Deciding on shower options acrylic | tiled is one of the key decisions during your planning and design stage of your bathroom renovation or new build design. It is quite common that the final decision will come down to your personal preference, the available space and your budget allocation.

To make that design decision a little easier the team at Style Plus | Renovations | Auckland look at the differences between an acrylic lined and tiled shower. And provide some cost indicators for your bathroom project:

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Installing an acrylic liner for a shower is one of the most common options for a bathroom renovation or new build.

The acrylic liner is strong, flexible, waterproof, typically white, shiny and easy to clean. They are glued to the walls and sealed with an overlap down to the shower tray. Generally, it is a very reliable system and very rarely gives you any trouble.


When planning your shower almost all showers come with an option of having a soap and shampoo holder moulded in the acrylic liner. This feature is a great idea as they are easy to clean and will not leak.

The downside to a moulded liner can be that it takes up shower space if it is installed on a flat wall. This is more noticeable in smaller showers. An alternative option available in some shower models is to have shelves moulded in the corner of the shower liner.


As with all fixtures and fittings, costs do vary depending on the quality and brand. For example, a 2 sided 1000×1000 acrylic shower, you are looking at around the $1,800 mark. For just a standard 2 sided 1000×1000 wall liner only, this can be purchased for around $250.

Tip: As with any fixtures and fittings the cost of installing a shower and any additional materials needs to be considered and allocated within your project budget.

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A tiled shower surpasses an acrylic wall surround in terms of design versatility and style. It offers more options in terms of colour, pattern and design. Well designed tiled walls can look stunning.

Tiles for your shower floor and wall are available in materials such as natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and glass, and each of these comes in a variety of sizes. This provides you with a vast array of texture and design options.

Tiled walls do rely on the waterproofing behind the tiles to ensure there are no leaks. Effective waterproofing is vital for tiled showers.

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Tile showers do come with a risk of leaks. If the shower floor is not sloped properly towards the channel drain and if the tile grout is not sealed correctly, the shower can leak. There is also the risk of cracked tiles that could lead to leaks. In the long run, leaking can cause mould, mildew and rot underneath and behind your shower. However, engaging with a skilled contractor to undertake the work and with proper care, a tiled shower wall/floor can last for the life of your shower.


The cost of tiled showers also varies due to the selected format/quality of the tiles, fittings and size of the shower. In general tiled showers are normally designed as part of a fully tiled bathroom i.e. tiled floor to ceiling.

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