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A house typically needs only two full roof replacements throughout its lifespan, this entails the old roof being completely removed and replaced with new roofing materials or cladding.

The term ‘reroofing’ describes the procedure of removing the old roof covering,  and undertaking any remedial work to the damaged substrate (which may involve rebuilding/fixing the roof structure).

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What To Consider For A Reroofing Renovation


Giving an exact price for a roof material replacement can be challenging due to various factors. The following are a few factors that can affect the overall cost to reroof:

Location: The location of your house in New Zealand and the distance from the main centres can affect transportation costs for materials and contractors. Delivery costs will depend on your location.

Access: Difficulty in getting new roofing materials close to the house or removing the old materials can increase labour costs and affect the time it takes to replace the roof.

Weather Conditions: The weather in New Zealand is known for being unpredictable and prone to sudden changes, which can create challenges when it comes to scheduling and completing a roof replacement project.

Factors such as high winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures can all pose safety risks for workers attempting to carry out repairs or installations on a roof.

Existing Roof: If an existing roof needs to be removed or replaced, the costs will reflect the extra labour required to prepare the site, particularly if switching from tile to metal longrun roofing .

Roof Area: The area of your roof is usually greater than the floor area of your house, as it includes soffits (overhangs) and the pitch of the roof.

A medium-sized single-storey house is typically 150-250m², while a large single-storey house is around 250-300m².

Roof Pitch: The pitch or slope of the roofline can affect the required access by contractors. The smaller the pitch, the lower the costs.

Design & Complexity: The amount of detail required for a complicated roofline can affect the cost of the job. For example, wall claddings may need to come off large, complicated, modern two-storey houses to replace apron flashings.

Multi-Level: If your house has multiple levels, replacing the roof can be more challenging and require extra safety precautions and additional scaffolding.

Scaffolding Requirements: All roofing contractors must provide a safe working environment for their staff. This may include scaffolding, safety nets, ladders, ropes, safety harnesses, scissor lifts, or boom lifts. These costs can range from $2,500 to $5,000+.

Check out Worksafe NZ – Working at height | roofs.

Materials: The type of roofing material chosen, like metal longrun, metal tiles, and asphalt roofing will have associated costs for sourcing and transportation. Roofing material costs vary depending on the profile and coating.

Installation Method: The installation method and several staff required can affect the time it takes and the final price.

The waste percentage is typically between 5% and 20% of the material price. Labour costs can be obtained from your roofing supplier or installer.

To know more about reroof renovations, check out our Roofing Materials Types article.

To know more about reroof renovations, check out our Roofing Materials Types article.


  • What are some of the symptoms that my roof needs to be repaired?
    A wet spot on your ceiling, peeling paint, warped ceiling plasterboard, excessive water streaming over gutters or spilling out of downpipes, or gutters hanging down are all signs of a roof or gutter problem. These are only a few signs that something is wrong with your roof or gutters.
  • Do I need Building Consent to reroof my house?
    Under Schedule 1 of the Building Act, there are some exemptions for the requirement for a Building Consent. The use of a comparable system (sometimes called like for like) usually means a Building Consent is not required. For example, replacing 20-year old metal roof profile cladding, where that cladding has achieved its Building Code durability requirement (lasted more than 15 years) and the replacement cladding is a comparable component or assembly, such as metal roof profile roofing - Building Consent is not required. However, it is best to check with your Local Building Consent Authority (Council / BCA) before work commences.
  • Do I need council consent if there is structural roof work during my reroof?
    With any structural work undertaken it is best to check with your Local Building Consent Authority (Council / BCA).
  • Do I need council consent if my roof has failed its durability requirements?
    Under the Building Code, if the roof has failed within less than 15 years, then Building Consent will be required.


To use the reroofing renovation costs calculator, enter your roof renovation details below:

The cost of various roofing materials varies, with asphalt shingles being the least expensive and slate or tile being the most expensive.
Complex roofs tend to have many different roof sections, slopes and valleys, with features such as dormers and skylights – increasing the final cost.
The larger the roof area, the more materials and manpower will be necessary to replace it, increasing the final cost.
The higher the building, the more scaffolding is required- increasing the final cost.

Other Items

If the existing roof needs to be removed before the new roof is installed, this will increase the final cost.

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