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Style Plus Renovations are a family owned and operated home renovations, design and build construction company based on the North Shore Auckland. We operate and service the North Shore and Central Auckland.

We pride ourselves on being the most professional independent renovation builders in Auckland. Also, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a full renovation, custom design & build, and project management services, from concept to completion for our clients based in Auckland or overseas.



Design and Build

At the initial design stage we meet and talk with you, listen carefully and understand what you want and need for your renovation.

From a vague design idea of what you want, to a architectural drawing design that you have in mind, we can assist in preparing the drawings and plans you want.

We understand that your new build project is more than just a house.

With Style Plus Renovations builders we take care of your entire custom new build project – including the foundation, renovation works, landscaping and more – so that your new home connects seamlessly to your land.

Additions & Extensions

Adding a room or extending your ground level living area are cost effective ways of creating more space. The first stage of an extension renovation project is to explore your options.

Different types of home extension projects will have different costs. The two main common extension types are single storey – ground level extension, and going up – second-storey extension.

At Style Plus Renovations we work closely with homeowners to come up with plans that make their homes more functional for them. This includes taking your vision and concept through to handing the keys back, managing the renovation design process, and council approvals/code of compliance.

Basement Conversions

Developing a basement area is a major renovation and logistically quite challenging. However, it could potentially, double the size of your home and add value to your property. Creating this additional space will allow you to make endless options on it’s usage.

Garage Conversions

When a garage is constructed, it does not have to meet the same requirements as a home under the Building Code and are therefore not suitable for habitable purposes i.e. non-habitable. If moving is not an option and you are looking to repurpose your garage, then Style Plus Renovations can help you with a free architect feasibility report.

Loft Conversions

Considering going up? Most renovations choose to find more space within their existing home. Converting the loft or attic into a new living/habitable space can be a relatively cost effective and easy way to add extra rooms to your property. The place to start your loft conversion journey is by planning and design.


If you decide to embark on recladding your home you will have the opportunity to create a completely new look to your home. You can modernise, make additions or alterations which can have an effect on the value of your home. At Style Plus Renovations we can assist you with your home renovations – recladding requirements.

Inground Pools & Spas

When you choose to design and build your new inground pool or spa with Style Plus Renovations, you choose to partner with a team of dedicated experts and professionals. You also choose a team that has a passion to create a quality build.

All of our projects start by creating a comprehensive brief with our clients. When we design your new pool or spa, we consider how best to connect the spatial design with your lifestyle. For example, we ensure that all your concerns, wants and wishes are noted so that the final design enables your pool and all its elements within to work together seamlessly.

Interior Design

At Style Plus | Interior Design we create stylish and beautiful homes for our clients through a range of tailored interior design services. We help clients looking to refresh a room, kitchen or bathroom. We also help clients who are looking at undertaking a full renovation or are looking to undertake a new build.

The team at Style Plus | Interior Design are here to take the stress out of Interior Design and make it an enjoyable, rewarding experience.

We offer a 30 minute free consultation where we assess your interior design requirements.

Our Renovations

We find that home renovations services are an increasingly attractive option to Auckland home owners. With the real estate cost of selling easily exceeding $20,000, many homeowners have opted to put that money towards staying where they are and renovating.

At Style Plus Renovations our team do not believe in half-measures. When we go to work on a renovation project, we want it to be the best we can achieve through a combination of smart design, exceptional workmanship, utilising our services, sourcing the best materials available and above all constant open dialogue with the clients.


At Style Plus, we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. We are proud to receive some exceptional compliments from our clients.




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