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When you choose to design and build your new inground pool or spa with Style Plus Renovations, you choose to partner with a team of dedicated experts and professionals. You also choose a team that has a passion to create a quality build.

All of our projects start by creating a comprehensive brief with our clients. When we design your new pool or spa, we consider how best to connect the spatial design with your lifestyle. For example, we ensure that all your concerns, wants and wishes are noted so that the final design enables your pool and all its elements within to work together seamlessly.

As part of our initial design process we will create a concept drawing. Once the design is agreed and accepted we will provide an estimation of the likely cost.


Pool installations can be daunting, especially with so many factors to consider. The following are a few important things you need to know and consider when consideering an inground pool/spa build:

  1. A custom pool/spa design & build company such as Style Plus Renovations typically creates a one of a kind, unique home that offers an even greater range of design choices. Clients who wish to have a home purpose built for their needs and lifestyles often decide to work with a design & build company.
  2. The size and location of your property will naturally determine the size and shape of your pool. Tiny urban sites have strict requirements regarding any type of construction close to boundaries, for instance, and shading from other buildings or neighbouring trees will also limit where you can position a pool.
  3. It is important to note that in-ground pools are more costly because of soil excavation and removal requirements. However, an in-ground pool provides more permanence than most above-ground pools.
  4. You may need to commission a geo-technical engineering report or, at the very least, have soil tests done to assess the site’s suitability.
  5. Concrete swimming pools are reinforced with steel, making them the most durable option. While it’s the strongest of the bunch, concrete pool installation can take as long as three months to complete. A concrete pool, however, will give you more room to make it your own when it comes to choosing the depth, size, shape, and interior finishing.
  6. You also have to take into account ground conditions. If you’re living on sandy, rocky, or unstable soil, building your pool will prove to be more challenging and more costly to make it happen
  7. As you add safety and aesthetic features to your pools, keep in mind that fencing, paving, and landscaping can equal the pool cost.



If you have a piece of land, a home that will be demolished, a set of existing floor plans, or want to be involved in each step of your new home’s design, then you should consider using the services of a custom design & build company such as Style Plus | Renovation and New Build Builders. Your home can be built on land you own or land that you acquire. For example you may have a home that is beyond renovation due to costs and the best option is to remove or demolish the home and build a new home. You can supply a floor plan or commission a set of architectural plans to be drawn from scratch. At Style Plus we partner with architects and engineers to facilitate this process.


Building a new home is one of the biggest investments you will make so it is important to have a building warranty which protects you both during construction and for 10 years after completion. At Style Plus we back our builds with a 10 Year Building Warranty. Our Residential Building Warranty provided by Stamford Insurance has been designed to cover any type of new development, from individual homes to larger sub-divisions and multiple housing units.


At Style Plus, we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. We are proud to receive some exceptional compliments from our clients.

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