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Jan Style Plus Director

Jan Antoni Glinkowski
Director | Project Manager

Our team of builders, in particular our two lead (LBP) builders/site managers were both born and raised in the UK. Both attended the London College of Cabinetry in the 1980s and have remained in the building industry since.

Maintaining the highest degree of craftsmanship and workmanship, they both have decades of building experience which they put to good use.

They are great at providing innovative solutions to difficult situations. They both have the ability to produce bespoke cabinetry when required which means we can offer a truly individual finish to any projects.

Their skill level and work ethic matches that of Jan and with the building team combined they deliver what is required time after time.

It is a bonus that there is the family connection that further guarantees teamwork and commitment.

Jan Antoni Glinkowski , born in the UK and migrated to New Zealand in 1998. Jan has spent most of his career in operational and project management positions.

He is a resourceful, flexible, innovative, Director | professional Project Manager (PRINCE2 practitioner) with a passion for architecture, renovations and the building industry in general.

The discipline of project management has become central to Jan’s management approach. Jan’s calm, methodical and open communication style, keeps everything as smooth sailing as possible during the project.

His past experience in major renovation projects, including his own weathertighness project, means he is keenly aware of the pit falls that can occur during renovations.

Our interior designer is responsible for the interior and finishing for our projects.

She adds a valuable ‘feminine’ eye throughout the project and can often raise an issued that the bricks and mortar boys miss. She is available to assist with kitchen and bathroom design, colour schemes, fixtures and fittings, furniture layout and special design.

Our interior designer had many years of enjoyment creating both her own, friends and family members interior designs before deciding to make the time to undertake comprehensive study commitments and gain qualifications.

She loves clean modern lines with a luxurious look without necessarily the budget.

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