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We all desire to have a house that we can genuinely call our own. A stylish and sophisticated place that is not simply comfortable and practical.

Luxury home renovations are the ideal answer for people looking to turn their homes into their ideal environments.

The team at Style Plus Renovations explore the topic of luxury home renovations in Auckland and how they may assist you in realising your ideal house.

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I believe that style is the only real luxury that is really desirable.



The process of improving or enhancing your house with high-end materials and finishes to create a beautiful living area is referred to as luxury home renovations.

These improvements may be done in any area of your house, including the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and even the entire house.

Luxurious home renovations are about more than simply improving the appearance of your house, they are also about boosting its efficiency and worth.

When you engage in luxury home renovations, you are creating a room that is both attractive, stylish and functional.

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There are several reasons to consider investing in luxury home upgrades. These are some of the advantages:

Increased Property Value

Luxurious home renovations may greatly boost your property’s worth.

Adding high-end finishes, contemporary appliances, and smart home technologies to your property can attract potential buyers and enhance its resale value.

Improved Functionality

Luxurious house renovations may also increase your property’s functionality. Revamping your kitchen, for example, with contemporary appliances may make cooking and entertaining easier and more fun.

Enhanced Comfort and Lifestyle

Luxurious home renovations may transform your living area into a more comfortable and luxurious environment that fits your lifestyle.

Installing a spa bathtub or a home theatre may transform your house into a retreat while also adding a touch of luxury to your daily life.

Your Personal Touch

Luxurious home renovations allow you to customise your place and make it genuinely reflect your style and taste.

You may personalise your room by selecting high-end finishes and materials that reflect your personal tastes.

Energy Efficiency

Luxurious home renovations may also increase the energy efficiency of your property.

Updating your insulation, windows, and Solar systems may help you save money on energy while also lowering your carbon impact.



Depending on your preferences and budget, luxury home renovations may take numerous forms. These are a few popular luxury house renovations:

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Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen renovations are a popular luxury home makeover that may dramatically improve your home’s usefulness and beauty.

For a more luxurious aesthetic, typically homeowners install cabinetry with inbuilt LED lighting or backsplash lighting for a dynamic visual appearance. Temperature-controlled wine cabinets, hidden appliances and soft-close drawers are all luxury features to consider within the kitchen space.

Other features to consider are walk-in pantries, spacious entertaining areas, custom countertops and efficient, smart appliance technology.

Bathroom Upgrades

Another typical luxury house makeover is a bathroom renovation. Including a spa bathtub, a rainfall shower, or heated flooring may help you create a soothing and elegant environment that you can enjoy every day.

Home Theater

A home theatre is a popular luxury home renovation that can turn your spare room or basement into a cinema-like environment.

A huge screen, surround sound, and comfy seating may be installed to create an area that is ideal for movie nights with family and friends.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces – A pool, patio, or deck, for example, may offer a luxurious environment for outdoor partying and leisure. Including elements like an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit will help you create an area that you can use all year.

Additions & House Extensions

Constructing a personalised house extension is a great way of enhancing your home’s functionality and personality.

Your available area and lifestyle requirements will determine the type of addition you can opt for, such as an extra bedroom, an open-concept kitchen-living room or a home office.


Luxury home renovation costs can vary substantially based on a number of factors. Some of the important aspects that might affect the cost of your restoration project are as follows:

Size of the home renovation – The bigger the restoration, the higher the cost.

Materials and finishes – Luxurious materials and finishes can drive up the cost of any remodelling project dramatically.

The complexity of the renovation – The more complicated the renovation, the more time and resources it will demand, thereby increasing the cost.

Location – The cost of luxury house renovations might also vary based on where the property is located.

Labour costs –  The cost of labour might also have an influence on the entire cost of any renovation project. Typically, as a broad rule of thumb, for renovations, there is a 40% materials and 60% labour split.

Luxury Home Renovations


The cost of a luxury home renovation in New Zealand can vary greatly based on a variety of variables such as scope, location, project size and complexity, materials used, and level of finishing and features requested.

The requirement for structural changes or repairs, the installation of high-end fixtures and appliances, and the use of high-end materials such as marble or bespoke cabinetry are all elements that might affect the cost of a luxury home renovation in New Zealand.

It is crucial to remember that each renovation project is unique, and the cost will be determined by the project’s individual requirements. To receive a more accurate estimate of the cost of your individual project, acquire a quote from a respected contractor or architect.

The following are some of the most popular luxury house renovation projects and their associated costs:

  • A high-end kitchen renovation can cost $50,000 to $100,000 or more.
  • A bathroom renovation can cost $30,000 to $50,000 or more.
  • A high-end media room renovation with top-of-the-line equipment and finishes can cost upwards of $50,000 or more.
  • A Solar System – a typical 3-4 kW solar system can cost between NZD 8,000 to NZD 12,000, while a larger 10 kW system can cost between NZD 20,000 to NZD 30,000.


Luxury home renovations can be a significant investment, but they can also add value to your home and improve your quality of life.

With the right renovations, you can create a space that truly reflects your style and taste and improves your quality of life.


  • What should be considered when renovating a basement in Auckland New Zealand?
    Potential moisture and structural issues, the purpose/function of the space, electrical, plumbing, and ventilation requirements, insulation, waterproofing, and obtaining building consent if required.
  • What factors should be considered when planning a second-storey or extension project in Auckland New Zealand?
    Factors to be considered when planning a second-storey or extension project in Auckland New Zealand are building rules and council consents, architectural design, construction, layout, functional aspects, and aesthetics of the new area.
  • How can a full home bathroom renovation add value to a house in Auckland New Zealand?
    By making it more contemporary, well-designed, luxury, and appealing to potential home buyers.
  • What are the most cost-effective home renovations to increase the value of a house in Auckland New Zealand?
    The most typical cost-effective home renovations to increase the value of a house in Auckland are kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, adding a second story or extension, basement renovation, energy efficiency upgrades, and landscaping and outdoor improvements.
  • How can I keep my project on budget and on time?
    There are a few steps you can take early on in the building process to combat your build going over budget and over the time frame. These are things like hiring a construction company with project management services that will be able to help keep your costs down, using a good quality certified builder to build your project right the first time, try making all major decisions as early as possible to keep unforeseen costs to a minimum and plan as realistically as possible allowing for contingency just in case.
  • Do I need to have building insurance arranged?
    Yes, definitely. We cannot emphasise enough how important insurance is. Your budget should always include an allowance for building insurance to safeguard your investment. We recommend insurance being in place from day one for the sake of your project reaching its completion no matter what may happen as the process takes place.
  • What role does a project manager play?
    The project manager is key in managing the physical building process, managing staff and subcontractors, ordering materials and stock, liaising with clients, council and the architect, ensuring that the elements of the building process come together smoothly. He is the ‘one point of contact’ for the project. A project manager is extremely important in maintaining efficiency, flow and clear communication between all parties. At Style Plus | Renovations our project manager understands the critical part they play in the management of timelines and budgets, which is why we offer this service to eliminate any uncertainty or confusion about who is responsible for what at varying stages of the build, ensuring that your project will be built on time and to your budget.
  • Why is it important to select a good architects for your renovation?
    Selecting a good architects with experience and knowledge of the scope of your project should be able to provide you with advice on everything from optimising living spaces, for a current home renovation, or for a new build, to choosing a reputable builder, creating detailed and accurate drawings and negotiating your building consent and sometimes your resource consent. At times the roles of both the Architect and the contractor can overlap, so ensuring that both your architect and your contractor are personable, contactable and forthcoming about all information will lead to a positive building process and outcome.
  • At what stage do I engage the services of a builder?
    This can vary depending on the building company and whether they are willing to take on jobs that haven’t been drawn up or consented yet. Most companies do not provide this service and typical practice is to involve the contractor’s services once the design has been consented by the council and is ready to be priced by a contractor. At Style Plus we are more than happy to be involved as early as you require, including at the beginning of the process where we engage with the architect. This way we can give you a realistic budget as early as possible. Once your plans have been drawn up we can help with lodging the consent with Auckland City Council.
  • What unitary plan zone is my house in?
    You can find out which zone your house is in by using Auckland Councils Geomap. Just enter you address in Geomap (

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