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If you’ve fallen in love with the minimalist, urban aesthetic of Mid Century Modern interior design and feel like giving your home a design overhaul, then the following article by Style Plus looks at Mid Century Modern interior design key points.


In this article, the Style Plus team explores Mid-Century Modern design and how this style can be incorporated in your renovation or new build:

  • First Step – Colour Scheme.
  • Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Furniture.
  • Geometric Patterns & Bold Wallpaper.
  • Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas.

Whilst Mid-Century Modern was originally identified for the period 1945-1965, the design period often includes the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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Selecting your colour scheme is the first step to planning your interior. It helps you select your furniture and design. Mid-Century Modern colours incline towards combining darker neutral tones with saturated accent colours.

Remember to follow the interior design colour picking rule of a 60-30-10 rule. Your room colours should be 60% dominant base colour, 30% secondary colour, and 10% accent colour. Avoid picking more than 3 to 4 colours.


A theme or colour scheme can blend pieces from different eras for a warm and welcoming room. You may want to start with one bold piece of Mid-Century Modern furniture and build around it, making choices that complement or add to the décor.


The mid-1900s produced some of the most iconic pieces in modern design. It is marked by elegant lines and chic minimalism, with frequent use of moulded plastic, natural wood, and aluminium. Its pieces are versatile and can complement other design styles.

The invention of new furniture materials made different forms and textures possible. Furniture created in the Mid-Century style offered geometric shapes, organic curves, clean lines and an emphasis on contrasting materials.

A room decorated entirely in Mid-Century Modern style furniture and accessories can be incredibly charming, but the style also lends itself well to being mixed with pieces from other styles – like modern, eclectic and vintage.

Understanding the distinctive features of the Mid-Century style will help when selecting pieces for your renovation or new build that will create a successful Mid-Century Modern look.

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One of the easiest item selections that works well with a Mid-Century Modern look is the classic Moroccan rug. Bold geometric patterns and intricate designs are an integral part of the Mid-Century Modern style.

These bold geometric patterns must complement the clean look of the room and should add contrast to the space. Too much pattern can turn the interior into a cluttered and cramped space. So ensure that this balance between pattern and the neutral backdrop is always skewed towards the latter.

Feel free to use rugs and decor with just a solid colour or even patterns that are not from the 50s or 60s. Be creative and use your judgement to identify what fits with your mid-century pieces.


Mid-Century Modern floor lamps and table lamps feature either very straight, geometric lines or round, curved contour. The very contrasting shapes offer a very bold position for lighting in your room.

They are commonly made of finished metal, but sometimes with wood legs. A popular Mid-Century Modern ceiling lamp design sees exposed bulbs on straight rods radiating out of a center.

Unique pendant lights and fixtures are not only functional they are pieces of sculptural art. Mid-Century Modern is not a matchy, matchy style, so no need to find a range of lighting thst comes as a set.

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Do you love where you live, but want to add the marvels of mid-century character to your current home?

Eliminating walls in order to achieve the open, airy floor plan that a mid-century home would boast is a great idea when done by a competent team of designers and builders such as Style Plus. You could also employ our Style Plus Interior Designer to design a huge floor-to-ceiling fireplace as an open floor plan in combination with this fireplace centered in the middle of the room, shouts Mid-Century Modern.

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