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DESIGN & BUILD When you choose to build your new home or renovate with Style Plus, you choose to partner with a team of dedicated builders and professionals to create your new home or complete your renovations. Book your consultation today [...]

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Building Contract Terms

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BUILDING CONTRACT TERMS From 1 January 2015, building contractors will be required to provide written contracts, providing information on their relevant skills, experience and qualifications, and disclose their insurance and warranty cover for residential building work valued at over $30,000. WHAT ARE THESE TERMS? In this article [...]

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Why Choose Us?

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WHY CHOOSE US? OUR Full Project Management SERVICE The team at Style Plus is a specialist project management company based on the North Shore, Auckland. We select only the best licensed builders and subcontractors to work on our projects. We undertake all types of construction from home renovations to residential [...]

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kitchen Accessories For Your New Kitchen

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Kitchen Accessories When it comes to kitchen accessories, black appliances add an element of sophistication and style to kitchen design. BLACK KITCHEN APPLIANCES When it comes to black, it is definitely a colour that is often considered for a kitchen renovation space design or new build kitchen [...]

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Basement Conversion Costs

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HOW MUCH DOES AN EXCAVATION PROJECT OR BASEMENT CONVERSION COSTS IN AUCKLAND? A basement conversion can take a basement from a lifeless, cold, damp space into a great space suitable for a number of uses. So, how much does a basement conversion cost? HOW MUCH DOES AN [...]

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Handy Renovation Planning Tips

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HANDY RENOVATION PLANNING TIPS HANDY RENOVATION PLANNING TIPS If you are planning a renovation, do not walk into it blindly. A little prior planning and preparation will go a long way to making your renovation or build an enjoyable experience, rather than a potential nightmare. Here are a few tips from [...]

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Living At Home During Your Renovation

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THINGS TO CONSIDER IF YOU PLAN ON LIVING AT HOME DURING YOUR RENOVATION Living at home during your renovation is a decision not taken lightly. Depending on the scope and size of your renovation, you may need to consider moving out during some or all of the renovation. [...]

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