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If you are planning a renovation, you may need a building consent and possibly a resource consent.

The team at Style Plus Renovations North Shore Auckland take a look at what is a building and resource consent and why you need them;

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A building consent is written permission from Auckland City Council to carry out specific building work on a specific site that must adhere to current regulations.

Consents are granted based on architectural drawings of your proposed building construction, alteration/renovation, demolition, or removal. 

When a council is satisfied that the proposed building work as described in the architect’s plans will meet the requirements of the Building Code, it will issue a building consent.

For example, a building consent is required in some cases when renovating a bathroom, such as when installing a wet area / tiled shower or adding sanitary fixtures.

There are several ways to determine whether your project requires building consent. 

  • Order a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) to learn more about your property and the required consents and approvals.
  • On the Auckland Council website there is a tool that you can use to determine if you need a building consent, resource consent or both, for small residential projects.
  • You can also use our Free Feasibility service to determine if you require consent.


Building consent can be complicated. Before applying, we recommend that you consult with an experienced professional, such as an architect or designer, to assist with design work, drawings, specifications, and documentation.

Once the consent is submitted to council for processing, if the application is incomplete, the council will ask you for the missing information – a request for information (RFI).

If the application is complete, then it will be accepted for review.

As set out in the Building Act, from the point the council receives your complete application, it has 20 working days to process your application.  The length of time it actually takes within that 20 days can vary.

For example,

  • Whether or not you submit a good application that is easily understood and accurate.
  • The complexity of your project.

The approved building consent is the foundation document for the majority of construction work.

If you want to change the consent, you must follow the proper procedure. Your council can again take up to 20 days to process the request. 

There is now more clarity from the council regarding the consideration and approval of amendments to building consents, including the distinction between “minor” and “major” variations to consented building work.

You must begin construction work within 12 months of receiving your building consent, or your building consent will expire.

If you require an extension, speak with your council before the 12-month period expires. If the consent has expired and you still want to do the work, you must reapply for building consent.

Unless you and your council agree otherwise, you have two years from the date the consent is granted to complete your building work.

Your council must decide whether to grant a code compliance certificate (CCC) or take another regulatory path within two years (or at the end of an agreed-upon period).


Resource consent is permission from the local council to carry out an activity that may have an impact on the environment and is not permitted ‘as of right’ in the district or regional plan. The Resource Management Act 1991 (usually called the RMA) is the main piece of legislation that sets out how we should manage our environment.

Decisions under the RMA are typically made by regional and district/city councils. Regional policy statements, plans, and resource consents are used to accomplish this.

The RMA means that councils set out rules and requirements to manage activities ranging from;

  • Building houses.
  • Dividing a property into two or more new titles
  • Constructing a building close to your neighbour.
  • Major earthworks.
  • Taking water from a stream.

Councils usually manage applications for resource consent. When deciding whether to grant a resource consent, the council considers several factors, including the effects of your proposal on the environment, and the council’s RMA plan.

So, resource consent is permission from the local council to carry out an activity that may have an impact on the environment and is not permitted ‘as of right’ in the district or regional plan.

Process example;

Once it has been confirmed that resource consent is required because your project does not fully comply with the RMA as outlined in the local plan. It is advisable to hire a planning consultant. They can advise you on the viability of your activity and, if necessary, prepare and submit your application on your behalf.

After you submit your resource consent application, the council reviews it to ensure that your information is correct. The council may seek additional information or request a specialised report. In some cases, the council may also postpone the processing of an application if it believes that additional approvals are required.

The council will notify you of their decision on your resource consent. Your council will tell you:

  • The reasons for the council’s decision – granted or refused the resource consent.
  • Whether your resource consent has an expiry date.
  • Whether you or the council need to monitor the environmental effects of the activity.
  • The conditions on how you may carry out the activity. 


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