When renovating your bathroom there are a number of key costs that create the overall budget. The team at Style Plus | Renovations Auckland take a look at 11 key points associated with bathroom renovation costs:

  1. Complete Bathroom Renovation Costs.
  2. Estimating Your Bathroom Renovation Costs.
  3. Bathroom Renovation Contingency Sum.
  4. Bathroom Vanities.
  5. Tapware.
  6. Free Standing Baths.
  7. Showers.
  8. Toilets.
  9. Floor Wastes.
  10. Tiles.
  11. Waterproofing.
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Since one basic bathroom renovation can cost up to $20,000 and another high end bathroom renovation over $60,000, the “average renovation cost” can be deceptive. The best way to budget for your new bathroom is to make an estimate based on the size of your bathroom and the inclusions you want i.e. type and quality of fittings.

When considering high level budgets:

• A realistic figure would be up to $20,000 for a basic renovation. This figure would depend on the quality of fixures and fittings, if some of the existing fittings could be reused and the extent of the renovation are a few point to bear in mind.

• For a mid end bathroom renovation it would be in the region of $20,000 to $38,000 .

• And for the high end bathroom renovation it would be in the region of $38,000 to $65,000+.


Renovation costs are normally broken into three parts: , however, other main costs to consider include:

• The cost of labour which in most parts remains fairly consistent.

• The cost of fixtures which greatly depending on what items you choose.

• The final cost relates to the size and complexity of your bathroom renovation.

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At Style Plus when we undertake a basic bathroom renovation we can sometimes find unanticipated surprises. These include:

• The substrate (floorboards) and in some cases the floor joists (timber beams) are water damaged.

• Older type of plumbing that requires replacement so that they comply with the New Zealand Plumbing & Drainage standards.

• Pipework that is leaking, such as a slow leak that will cause damage of a number of years.

• You may also need an asbestos testing as some older ceilings may have an asbestos content.

These “unknowns” require a contingency to be built into the renovation budget. A typical contingency would be a minimum of 10% of the contract sum.

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Vanities come in a range of designs and sizes to suit your bathroom renovation. Natural themes in a bathroom renovation design are becoming more popular. Cabinet finishes range from Dark Oak, Mali and Wenge to bolder colours such as Piper, Savanna and high gloss Exochique finishes, all have a place in the modern bathroom design. If these colours are too strong for your pallet, consider a softer hue like Sabine or White Ash.

A stylish full depth, double bowl (1200mm) wall-hung vanity will make a statement in any bathroom. A quality mid-end vanity is priced from $1,180, with a basin priced from $775. Allow $700 for plumbing. Mid and high end vanity summary costs are show at the bottom of this page.

Vanities: Athena.


At Style Plus we would always recommend using high quality tapware. However, it may be viable to use cheaper tapware in areas that are not as frequently used throughout the house. Basin mixers and bath taps are typically used less frequently than other tapware, and can be replaced without too much hassle if they were to fail down the track. Shopping around for affordable bath spouts could also save you money, as these have no working parts and the only purpose is to take the water from the wall into the bath. The difference is only in shape and style.

Shower mixers on the other hand have been specifically designed to give you an even mix of hot and cold water, whilst providing as much pressure as possible. Many cheaper mixers fail to do this (low pressure especially). The tricky thing remember is that the mixer is housed behind the wall, which makes changing it very challeging. For this reason, I would not recommend buying a cheap shower mixer. A quality mixer are priced from $250.

Shower slides. A quality shower slide are priced from $250.

There are four main types of showerheads combinations to consider when you design your bathroom:

• Fixed and mounted on the wall. Priced from $250

• Mounted on the ceiling. Priced from $250.

• A shower column, made up of a fixed showerhead and a hand shower. Priced from $650.

• A shower kit and slide rail, made up of a hand shower on a slide rail. Priced from $250.

Depending on the final design, plumbing costs will apply and in some cases a licensed builder may need to be involved.

Freestanding Baths

Nothing says luxury like a freestanding bath. With beautiful designs in different shapes and finishes, it will make your bath experience just that much more special.

Whether you choose acrylic, enamel, composite or natural stone – there is a bath to suit every budget.

More recently manufacturers have created a range of sizes, so even the smaller sized bathrooms can feel luxurious. There are now also back to wall models that replicate the look of being freestanding but take up less room.

A good quality acrylic freestanding bath can purchased for around $1,750. A stone bath would cost around $2,500. Both types require a freestanding floor mounted column bath filler which can be bought from around $700 and from $2,500 that includes a shower head.

To install the bath, allow around $700 for a plumber and around $450 for a builder.

Freestanding Bath: Athena.

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When it comes to showers, you have few options to select from. Either fully tiled walk-in, acrylic tray with tiled walls or a full acrylic shell type.

It’s a common notion that tiled walk-in showers when completed look stunning. With no step into the shower the floor blends seamlessly into the shower area. These types of showers are predominantly associated with larger bathrooms where space is not at a premium. The cost to create a tiled shower is hard to pin down as each shower is a custom creation and requires the shower floor to have a fall to the drain. Labour time from a licensed builder and tiler is a significant cost in these types of installs.

The second type uses an acrylic tray and tiled walls. The use of an acrylic base can reduce installation costs and the fall for drainage is already built into the tray. A quality 1200 x 900 shower which includes tray and door set are priced from $1,560. Allow for plumber, waterproofing and tiling costs.

Full acrylic shell type. These types of showers provide clean, seamless style in conventional sizes and shapes to suit almost any space. In comparison to a tiled shower, the installation time savings make them an attractive option as they are pre-made with set installation instructions. Overall, all install components including labour can be easily costed. A quality 1200 x 900 shower which includes tray, flat acrylic wall liner and door set are priced from $ 2,000.


Consideration must be taken to the type of toilet that will be replaced, for example the type of trap to suit the current connection. Stick to well-known brands. It pays to be aware that as well as costing more to purchase an in-wall cisterns and wall hung toilets, it will also cost more in labour as they generally take an additional labour time (2 to 3 hours) to install them compared to conventional toilets. A modern looking, quality, back-to-wall close coupled toilet suite with soft close seat, with a good WELS rating (efficiency rating) can range from $600 and up to as much as $1,600.

There is the plumbers cost to disconnect and cap the pipes, re-pipe where required and finally install the toilet after any remedial work is completed. The plumber should be able to install this for around $700 – depending on the work required.

Toilets: VCBC.

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Bathroom floor wastes have come along way in the last few years. Here are a few options:

• Basic – chrome – You can still buy the regular round chrome floor wastes. These can range from $20 upwards.

• Standard – concealed – Concealed floor wastes are square or round in shape and are designed so a tile can be inserted into the top – hence concealing the floor waste. These can range from $50 upwards depending on quality and design.

• Premium – trough – Floor troughs look great when installed in a walk-in tiled shower. The vision series is an all stainless steel shower channel and grate system, available off the shelf from Allproof and represents the “top end” of floor wastes when renovating.


When designing the bathroom, the size of the tile can have as much effect on the look of your project as the colour and texture will. It comes down to personal preference but over the years we have seen a growing trend towards using larger format tiles.

On a design note, larger tiles will leave a room with less grout lines, thus creating a more streamlined look to a room. It’s quite common now to incorporate large tiles in even the smallest bathroom.

Ceramic tiles are a popular option for bathroom renovation as they are durable and moisture resistant. They are available in a good range of styles and colours. And are priced from $50 per square metre. With all tiled bathrooms, It is important that they are properly installed and grouted.


Before you can tile or waterproof the bathroom floor, you will need to put down a tile and slate underlay, which is a cement-based product. Then a waterproof membrane can be applied. Waterproofing is a specialist trade, so use an accredited applicator, your bathroom depends on the waterproofing being done right. Depending on the level/complexity of your renovation, your waterproofing will need to be inspected by a Building Inspector, once dried, or a Producer Statement (PS3) & warrenty being supplied.

The cost of waterproofing is around the $50 per square metre.


TypeGood QualityBetter QualityBest Quality +
Close Couple Toilet$660$900$1.700
900mm Basin$780$1,700$3,500
1200mm Double Basin$1,200$2,800$5,300
Free Standing Bath$1,800$2,200$4,000
1200x900mm Glass Shower Cubicle Kit$1,400$2,600$3.600

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