Style Plus is fully committed to the importance of renovation or new build insurance coverage especially on liability insurance.


Before any renovation or new build commences, having appropriate insurance cover in place is a requirement of all standard building contracts.

The building contract should specify the types and amounts of insurance cover that the main contractor has in place. The builder should have two main insurance cover types for the following:

• Accidental damage to the building (typically contract works insurance).

• Accidental damage to adjoining property, and in some cases, for personal injury (typically public liability).

Subcontractors may also be covered by the main contractor’s insurance policy. This is something that the main contractor will discuss with the subcontractors to ensure everybody involved with the build has insurance to protect both themselves and the owner.

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However, if the renovation or new build works is under a labour-only contract, it is usually the clients responsibility to arrange the insurance cover.

Tip: Find out who is covered for what and that it is written in the building contract.

Additionally, you should inform your own insurer/s when you are renovating. This will ensure that you are covered for accidental damage to both your house and contents while renovations are underway.

Tip: Make sure your contents insurance covers the new appliances and fittings being installed.

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Generally, all builders and subcontractors should have public liability insurance for protection against damage to third party property and personal injury to others.

The amount of cover should reflect the type of buildings the builder/subcontractor is working on. For example if there is a fire during construction, in the newly built million dollar home, you need to ensure that the builder/subcontractor has public liability insurance that will cover the damages.

For personal injury, this is generally covered by ACC. However, there may be an occasion when you have incurred an injury due to the builder/subcontractor who has been negligent and you consider that you should be entitled to damages.

Contract Works Insurance

Contract Works Insurance is priced according to the scale and value of the renovation or new build you will be undertaking. Each policy is individual to that specific project.

Typically, any work that involves structural changes such as load bearing walls or the walls and roof will require contract works cover. This is because damage caused during the work would not be covered by the usual house insurance cover.


The risks involved in renovation projects make insurance cover of significance importance.

At Style Plus | Renovations North Shore Auckland we provide all the necessary cover for building works and have a public liability cover for up to $2,000,000.

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