Full Service Project Management.

Full Service Project Management.

“Those who plan do better than those who do not plan, even though they rarely stick to their plan”.

Winston Churchill

At Style Plus Renovations North Shore Auckland we see a plan as one potential pathway to a successful project outcome. There will always be factors, some unknown, that influence that plan. Issues, changes and variations typically will arise during a renovation, and we can only plan against so much risk. Therefore, the plan is as critical as the need to adjust it as we progress with the project

We provide a full project management service looking after your entire renovation or new custom build project for you. From the onset of the project our project managers use their experience and skill to set realistic expectations. Using our cloud-based project software we ensure all aspects of the job stays on track. As a homeowner contacting with Style Plus Renovations, you can access your project information using our system, therefore, you will always know exactly what’s going on.

Our Technology

Our Technology.

Style Plus Renovations uses one of the best cloud based  construction management systems in the in the world. Utilised by half a million residential construction professionals across the world, it is the trusted standard for residential renovation builders.

The construction management software provides real-time 24/7 access to project scheduling, variations, documents, photos, videos, warranty management, and much more.

For all of our projects this is an invaluable tool for our clients, our team and our subcontractors. Good communication is an important factor for a project to succeed.

How We Manage The Project
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How We Manage The Project.

Our full service project management service covers the entire process. Our project methodology which incorporates our 5 step process model will provide you with the best advice and guidance from our renovation team. This will help eliminate uncertainties and reduce your stress as you journey through your renovation or custom new build.

When you engage with Style Plus Renovation we set you up in our cloud based project management software. This lets you view all the different aspects of your project, such as the build, the schedule, progress photos, budget tracking. For our overseas clients it’s a fantastic system for keeping everyone involved in a project in the loop.

Also check out our FAQ: How can I keep my project on budget and on time?

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Our Project Management Articles

Our Project Management Articles.

Our Project Management Articles.

When it comes to home renovations our team at Style Plus Renovations North Shore Auckland have seen it and built it all. If you are looking for inspiration or just some factual information, then check out our library of renovation project management related articles.

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