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At Style Plus | Renovations | Auckland we provide a full project management service looking after your entire renovation or new custom build project for you.

We select only the best licensed builders and subcontractors to work on our projects.

We undertake all types of construction from home renovations to residential construction, exterior renovations, re-cladding to new custom builds.

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Our technology is the most up to date scheduling system that will detail the entire job and ensure the job is completed on time and within your specified budget.

At Style Plus | Renovations we understand that renovations or new builds can be a complex process. The process normally involves significant detail that requires detailed management. Along with the project detail there is the project timeline which also needs to be carefully managed so that trades and suppliers deliver when required.

Style Plus | Renovations uses one of the best construction management software in the cloud systems in the world – BuilderTrend. Utilised by half a million residential construction professionals across the world, it is the trusted standard for residential builders. The construction management software provides real-time 24/7 access to project scheduling, variations, documents, photos, videos, warranty management, and much more.

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Our project management system manages your renovation or new build on a day to day basis whether you are in Auckland or overseas. All our builders can login to this system to send updates to the project manager and upload photos and videos of progress. It’s a fantastic system for keeping everyone involved in a project in the loop.

We also provide a login to the system for you to see how your project is progressing. You can also see images and videos taken from the site by the project manager.

Also check out our FAQ: How can I keep my project on budget and on time?


The Style Plus | Renovations | North Shore | Auckland team look at key aspects of managing a renovation project and the processes that ensure a quality renovation.

Book your consultation today and kick start your renovation project!

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Book your consultation today and kick start your renovation project!

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