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Splashbacks not only protect your walls, they can be used to add colour, pattern and texture but which material is right for your kitchen space?

There comes a time during your kitchen renovation when you will have to make a choice on the type of splashback that you will install.

Choosing a kitchen splashback is not the easiest task. The team at Style Plus Renovations North Shore shed some light on the different options and try to make it easier for you to decide on which kitchen splashback to select.

• Glass Splashbacks.
• Using tiles for your kitchen splashback
• Laminex® Splashbacks.
• Tin Splashbacks.


kitchen splashback option - Laminex


One of the most common types of kitchen splashback that is being selected during a renovation is the ‘glass splashback’. These types of kitchen splashbacks provide a modern, streamlined look and are a popular alternative to tiles.

With an unlimited number of colour options and an easy-to-clean finish with no joints or grout lines, glass splashbacks are a great way to add a glossy texture and a pop of colour to your renovated kitchen.

There are two varieties of glass – clear float and low iron. Both types of glass have the same performance levels. However, the difference between the two is that Low Iron glass is suitable for whites and off-white colours, matching to Resene or Dulux colours and is more expensive. Whereas the Float glass affects lighter colours due to the green tinge.

If you are looking for a colour match using a specific colour we recommend using the Low Iron glass.

The cost of the glass splashback using ordinary clear float glass starts from around $300 per metre square and low iron glass is from around $400 per metre square.

Another popular kitchen splashback trend is using a photograph, digital image, pattern or artwork to create your own printed glass splashback. This technique can turn your kitchen splashback into a glass feature wall with endless creative opportunities. The ballpark cost for an image splashback sits around $2-3K + GST. 

Image On Glass Splashbacks.
• Action Glass.

Glass splashback - image on glass
Image on glass splashback by Lucy G Splashbacks


Tiles are the more traditional kitchen splashback and provide a timeless look.

Tile options today include wood effect, stone effect, metal effect, different textures and a wide range of colour choices, shapes and sizes.

One of the trendiest new developments in tiles is the glass tile. Glass tiles have a shimmering, three-dimensional quality that is perfect for the modern renovated kitchen.

Glass tiles are available in a range of colours that include bold primary and metallic colours. Tile sizes range from tiny mosaics to oversized glass tiles.

The tiles vary in price due to size and quality. Labour that includes adhesive and grouting can cost from $90 per meter square.

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Laminex® offers a great alternative to glass splashbacks:

• Laminex® Seratone®.

Laminex® Seratone® panels are pre-finished wall and ceiling panels manufactured on lightweight, high density fibreboard.

An anti-microbial silver additive in the UV clear coat protects all Seratone® panels against microbial activity.

Seratone® vertical solutions consist of a range of pre-finished panels, jointing options and accessories.

There are two separate Seratone® palettes, specifically designed to complement other contemporary materials such as timber, wood veneer, laminates, glass, granite, steel and paint, as well as each other.

Seratone® panels are also suitable to use as a splashback behind kitchen electric and gas hobs. However, recommended distances when installing the product must be adhered to.

The cost is from $140 per meter square, plus installation costs.

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An alternative to tiles for your kitchen splashback is pressed tin panels.

Each metal panel has a small overlap on every side, to create a seamless join when using more than one.

Powder Coating is the recommended finish for use of the metal panels when used as a kitchen splashback. Powder coating provides protection of the metal against fats, oils and moisture.

The metal tiles are simple to cut and can be glued, nailed or riveted to your surface.

The cost is around the $170 per meter square mark, plus the installation cost.

• Stamp Pressed Metal

Kitchen Renovations FAQs

  • What is the cost of a kitchen renovation?
    The cost depends on a number of factors (size, fixtures fittings, quality of fittings, the scope of the renovation) but generally the average is between $27,000 to $35,000 and $60,000+ for high end kitchen renovation)
  • Who will manage the kitchen renovation?
    At Style Plus Renovations, we like to work as closely as we can with our clients to make sure that we really are renovating  their  kitchen to their specifications. This is achieved by having a dedicated project manager as a single point of contact to manage the renovation.
  • What trades are involved with a full kitchen renovation?
    A full kitchen renovation combines the services of many trades, these include:  builder,  architect,  project manager, plumber,  interior designer,  cabinet maker for bespoke cabinetry, electrician, carpenter,  flooring specialist,  waterproofing specialist and  painter.
  • What is the timeframe for a kitchen renovation?
    Typically a kitchen renovation duration will be between 3 to 4 weeks. This timeframe will be longer if it involves a building consent.

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