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If you’re like most people these days, you’re most likely spending more time at home than ever before.

With the rise of remote work and telecommuting, having a dedicated space to focus and be productive is essential.

That’s where Auckland custom home office renovations from Style Plus Renovations come in.

You can transform your home into a comfortable and efficient place to work by designing a customised workspace that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you require a small corner office or a large, open-concept space, our team of experts can assist you in designing and renovating the ideal home office.

In this blog post, we take a look at the advantages of custom home office renovations as well as how to get started on your own project in Auckland.


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Before embarking on a custom home office renovation, it is critical to assess your requirements and determine what will work best for you.

The first step is to think about how much space you have available. Do you have a spare room, or will you set up a home office in a smaller area, such as a corner of your living room or a converted closet?

It is critical to measure the space and consider how you will use it in order to determine the size and layout of your home office.

In addition to the size of the space, you should consider your storage, lighting, and ergonomic requirements.

  • Do you need to store a large amount of paperwork or equipment?
  • Do you require natural light or prefer a well-lit environment?
  • Do you require any specialised ergonomic equipment, such as a standing desk or an ergonomic chair?

Understanding your requirements will assist you in designing a home office that is both functional and comfortable for you.


Planning a custom home office renovation can be a difficult task, but with careful thought and attention to detail, you can create a space that is both functional and stylish.

Here are a few more pointers to consider when planning your home office renovation:

Start by making a list of your must-haves and nice-to-haves: Within the list itemise the features that are most important to you and prioritise them according to your budget and space size.

Consider the design/layout: Consider how you intend to use the space and how you want it to flow:

  • Will a separate area be required for meetings or conference calls?
  • Do you prefer a standing or traditional sitting desk?
  • How are you going to keep your documents and equipment?

Select the right materials and finishes: Choose materials and finishes that are both long-lasting and easy to maintain, while also reflecting your personal style.

If you have a modern aesthetic, for example, you might choose sleek, minimalist furniture and finishes in neutral colours. If you prefer a more traditional appearance, consider wood finishes and classic pieces.

Don’t overlook the small details: artwork, plants, and accessories may give individuality and warmth to your home office. Consider personalising the area with personal touches such as a favourite piece of artwork or family photos.

By following these guidelines, you can design a home office that is both useful and elegant, and that genuinely reflects your unique preferences and needs.

Custom Home Office Renovations


Customising your home office during a remodelling project allows you to design a place that is personal to your requirements and interests.

Here are some suggestions for personalising your home office:

Built-in shelving and storage: Adding built-in shelving and storage will help you maximise your space while reducing clutter. Bookshelves, file cabinets, and drawers are examples of unique features that may be customised to meet your individual storage needs.

A personalised office desk and workstation may be customised to meet your individual requirements and preferences. If you require a lot of space to spread out documents, for example, you might prefer a bigger desk with built-in storage or shelves. A desk with built-in outlets and cable management may be useful if you need a place for your computer and other electrical devices.

Floor covering: The material you choose for your flooring is determined by the requirements of your workstation and your design preferences. Engineered flooring is more costly than tiling and vinyl but in the long run, it is more durable and attractive. Alternatively, carpet is a comfortable option, but it is more prone to wear and tear, especially if your office chair has wheels.

Lighting and electrical updates: Updating your home office’s lighting and electrical components can improve the overall operation and atmosphere of the room. Consider task lighting for specific work areas as well as ambient lighting for a more pleasant environment. You may also want to consider installing outlets or USB connections to help to charge your gadgets easier.

Air conditioning: Installing a heating and cooling system guarantees that you can maintain a suitable temperature in your home office throughout the year. If you have an opening window in the new office space, it can also help with cooling the office space in summer without the cost of using the air conditioning unit.

Paint or wallpaper may be used to bring splashes of colour and individuality to your home office. Choose colours that inspire and drive you, as well as those that represent your unique style. You can also add individuality to your home office by using wall art, plants, and other decorative items.

By combining these personal touches, you can create a useful and elegant home office that will help you feel productive and motivated.


Once you have a clear idea of what your requirements are for your home office space, you can begin to consider your location options, design the layout and overall aesthetic of the space. Two typical options for a custom office renovation are:

  • Custom home extension.
  • Transform your existing space into a custom home office.


Having a separate office space might make all the difference for someone who works from home frequently.

Finding the ideal place in your home can be difficult, though, particularly if you live in a small house or apartment.

A home extension can help with that. You can design a unique office area that is suited to your individual needs and tastes by adding an addition to your house.

A home addition might offer the ideal answer whether you require a private, quiet location to concentrate on your job or a more public, collaborative space to organise meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Additionally, you can make sure that your house extension smoothly integrates with the rest of your home and increases the value of your property by hiring the right design and construction team to undertake the renovation.


It might be time to think about converting an existing room in your house into a custom home office if you’re sick of working from your couch or dining room table.

This can be a really useful method for setting up a dedicated, cosy office that keeps you attentive and productive. There are many methods to turn any area into a useful and fashionable home office, whether you have an empty guest room, a vacant corner in your living room, or even a sizable closet.

You may design and arrange a room to suit all of your demands while also expressing your unique flair.

Custom Home Office Renovations


Good acoustics in your home office is important for a number of reasons. They can help to reduce distractions and improve the overall quality of your work environment.

Here are a couple of tips for improving the acoustics in your custom home office:

Install sound-absorbing materials: Carpet, curtains, and cushioned furniture can help absorb sound and decrease echoes. You may also improve the acoustics of your home office by installing sound-absorbing panels or tiles on the walls.

Consider your space’s arrangement: The layout of your custom home office might also affect the acoustics. Placing your workstation against a wall rather than in the centre of the room, for example, can assist to lessen echo.


It’s difficult to get an accurate estimate of the cost of a custom home office renovations extension in New Zealand without having more information and the scope of the project.

The cost of a custom home office extension in New Zealand can vary greatly based on a number of factors, including the size of the room, the materials and finishes you select, and the project’s complexity.

Here are some things to consider:

The size of the area: This will have a considerable influence on the overall cost of the project. If you decide to build an extension, a larger office space will often cost more to construct than a smaller room.

Materials and finishes: The materials and finishes you select for your home office can also influence the price. High-end worktops and engineered flooring are often more expensive than basic materials like laminate or carpet.

Project complexity: The complexity of the project may also affect the cost. A custom home office house extension that requires considerable foundation work or entails construction on a sloping site, for example, would often cost more than a simple addition on a flat site.

Design and building consent fees: Building a house extension to host the custom home office will incur design and consent fees. These expenses will increase the overall cost of the home office project.


Renovations can be overwhelming for homeowners. If your renovation appears to be complicated, you may want to hire a project manager.

A good project manager will provide guidance, supervise every step of the process and help ensure that the entire renovation project stays within your budget and timeframe.

Also, a good project manager will have a clear understanding of your project goals and objectives and be able to communicate this to the builders and contractors.


  • What is the cost of a home office renovation?
    Making renovations to your house in order to establish a separate custom home office area can increase the cost. To make the area practical and comfortable, you may need to add electrical outlets or lighting fixtures, paint the walls, or make other changes. The cost of these improvements will be determined by the scope of the work required as well as the materials and contractors involved.
  • What other things should I consider when choosing colours for my custom home office?
    Consider the following:
    • Lighting. Natural light in your custom home office space can affect the way colors appear. Consider the amount and direction of light in the space when selecting colours.
    • Furniture and decor. Consider the colours of your furniture or decor in your custom home office space and choose colours that will coordinate well with them
    • The size of your custom home office space. For example, darker colors can make a small space feel more cramped, while lighter colors can help make a small space feel larger.
  • What colours should I consider for my custom home office walls?
    The colours you chose for your home office should be ones that you like and make you happy. If you want vivid and vibrant colours, don't be scared to use them. For example; different colours may affect your attitude and productivity in different ways. A strong colour such as Blue, for example, is regarded to be peaceful and can help you focus, whilst a yellow is connected with happiness and can help you be more creative.

If you’re still undecided about what to do, contact us to discuss your custom home office renovations plans and arrange for a free consultation. At Style Plus Renovations, we will help you achieve your renovation goals!

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