Additions & Extensions


Single Storey Extensions are built onto a part of the house and one or more sides of the extension is attached to the house. A well designed and constructed side extension, if done well, will look and feel like a natural part of your home.

The addition of Single Storey Extension can add value to your home in many ways. The following are a few ideas you can turn your Single Storey Extension in to:

  • New living area room, that has the potential to create an indoor outdoor flow.
  • New bedroom(s).
  • New master bedroom and ensuite.
  • Kids play room.
  • Extending to increase the size of the living space and installing a new kitchen . Typically, this option creates an open plan area that can be used as a combined kitchen, dining and living area.
  • Home office.


A Second Storey Extension can be built to add additional upstairs bedroom(s) or bathroom or even the creation of a living area with living, ensuite and bedroom.

Building a Second Storey Extension it’s more complex and the costs are higher than the single story house extension.

The following are a few key areas to consider before you embark on your project;

  • You may need to consider privacy issues and ensure you are not encroaching on your neighbours. This would be considered during the design phase.
  • Going up usually means either taking the entire roof off or part of the roof off. This is dependent on the design and placement of the Second Storey Extension.
  • Building a Second Storey Extension means adding extra weight onto the existing house. You need to be sure your house can handle this additional weight.
  • You will also need to consider how your current floor plan will change. For example, space is required for a staircase.
  • Additional engineering costs both materials and engineers consultant fees. Need to be considered


During your planning stage the following are a couple of items that you will need to consider;

  • The size of the extension.
  • How the roof will work with the existing building roof line and its impact on the neighbours.
  • Other potential issues that may arise are the positions of current services such as stormwater, power and water mains line.


Renovating your home is potentially one of the biggest investments you will make so it is important to have a building warranty which protects you both during construction and for 10 years after completion. At Style Plus Renovations we back our builds with a 10 Year Building Warranty.


At Style Plus, we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. We are proud to receive some exceptional compliments from our clients.

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