Renovating your kitchen can be a major undertaking. So why renovate my kitchen?


When it comes to renovating your kitchen the reasons to change may seem endless. For example, maybe you are trying to increase the value of your home ready for a sale, or maybe you are just ready to change your dated kitchen for one that better suits your family’s lifestyle.

The team at Style Plus look at some of the typical reasons why a kitchen renovation is taken on;

• Why Renovate Your Kitchen?
• Refresh or Renovate with Style

Renovating your kitchen can be a costly and inconvenient process. Before you launch into any renovations, take time out to consider whether the expense and disruption is justified.


–  Jan Antoni Glinkowski • Director • Style Plus

Why Renovate Your Kitchen?


For many home owners the kitchen is the heart of the home which normally is the hub of family activity.

Deciding to renovate your kitchen can be a major undertaking. Looking at the process holistically, it is not just the expense but typically the inconvenience to the family that gives many home owners pause when considering such an undertaking.

However, taking the inconvenience into consideration, home owners continue to find very good reasons to undertake a kitchen renovation.

Reasons for renovating vary, and many home owners may not share your top reason for a renovation. Here are few reasons from the team at Style Plus | Renovations why you might be inspired to renovate your kitchen. Which of these rings true for you?

why renovate your kitchen
kitchen renovation


A key incentive for a kitchen renovation is to create a space to best suit your family’s needs and lifestyle. Looking at how the current kitchen space is utilised or in many cases underutilised by the family is a starting point.

For example, maybe your current kitchen does not have a kitchen island and your family wants to gather informally in the kitchen to enjoy coffee or grab breakfast without going to the dining room table.

A family’s lifestyle is a key element to a great kitchen design and one way of establishing that connection is to ask a lot of questions. The following are a few key points to consider:

• Any future plans for the house

• How many people will use the kitchen?

• How often do you entertain?

• Will food be prepared in front of guests or behind the scenes?

• What other activities take place in the kitchen?

• Is there any dining in the kitchen?

• Do you need to consider any family special needs i.e. disabled family members?


You may be in a position where your kitchen might simply be worn out and dysfunctional. Peeling countertops and doors, broken or missing cabinet doors and outdated appliances do not inspire gourmet cooking or family gatherings. The deteriorated kitchen has simply outlived its usefulness and needs more than a cosmetic upgrade, it needs a renovation!

A typical view of a worn out kitchen from one of our clients would be:

The current floor, worn walls and counter tops made this kitchen look tired and very dated. The kitchen space had an isolated feeling due to the wrap around kitchen breakfast bar dividing the living area from the kitchen. By re-designing the kitchen and living space into a functional space, the kitchen felt much larger and more cohesive. Additionally, updating the appliances and fixtures complete the look of a modern, functional kitchen.

–  Joanna • Takapuna

worn out kitchen
Kitchen Renovation 06


At Style Plus we believe that not all renovation projects are created equal. In general, people who are looking at purchasing a house will look at the kitchen and bathrooms first. While these spaces can be the most costly to renovate they are more likely to pay for themselves.

Homeowners often renovate their kitchen space to increase the value or make the home more appealing before selling the property. A renovated kitchen, modern, on-trend and polished will appeal to prospective home buyers more than a worn and outdated one.


Energy savings may be a motivator for a kitchen space renovation. A few energy saving options are:

• Adding skylights. This brings in more natural light, therefore reducing the need for artificial light in your kitchen space.

• Energy efficient appliances and solar water heaters reduce the electricity bill and place less stress on the environment.

Tip:If you do have to put in new appliances, you can choose any one of numerous available models that will do the job and match your kitchen style. However, make sure you go for energy star rated products that will help you save money over their lifespan.

For New Zealand, we have two different energy labels for products and appliances:

• Energy rating labels – These labels all have a simple star rating. The more stars on the label, the more energy efficient the appliance is. If you’re comparing models for energy efficiency, they must be of the same type – that is, similar in capacity and features. For example, if you are comparing two washing machines, the one with the most stars will be the cheapest to run. Generally, many top models have four or more stars. Energy rating labels are displayed on all new white ware appliances.

• ENERGY STAR® labels – displayed on products that meet an independent, international benchmark for superior energy efficiency.

Kitchen Renovation 07

Refresh or Renovate with Style

Kitchen Renovation 08


Due to their high usage a kitchen renovation requires more renovation than any other room. Even small alterations or a quick refresh are beneficial if they address hygiene and safety issues. For example, dishwashers and ovens are two of the most commonly used kitchen appliances and can easily become faulty/worn after a long period of use.

Tip: When you are planning your kitchen renovation be sure you do not overlook ventilation.

Together with the kitchen cabinetry if you do not intend selling, the money you spend on replacing appliances or fully renovating the kitchen space will be an investment in the comfort and enjoyment of your home.


For a complete kitchen renovation, allow around four to six weeks. Also you will need to be prepared for significant downtime without a kitchen.

Tip: Set aside a space in another part of your home to keep your fridge running and be prepared to use your bathroom and laundry sinks more often to do the dishes. If you are renovating during the summer months, an outdoor BBQ is a good alternative to a cooktop.

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