Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us.


Renovations and home alterations do require the right builder/contractor.

At Style Plus | Renovations North Shore Auckland we have specialised home licensed renovation builders that are equipped with knowledge and experience gained over the years of building. We also have licensed new home builders. Both have unique qualities in the work they undertake.

Full Service Project Management

Full Service Project Management.

Full Service Project Management.

“Experience and planning are essential in achieving the outcome the homeowner requires.”

Jan Antoni Glinkowski - Director, Style Plus Renovations

Contracting an experienced project manager is essential to a successful renovation project.

Renovations are at times complex and challenging. If there is a skills gap with the project manager and builder you have contracted, issues and problems will not be solved correctly and will lead to further issues with council inspections, cost over runs or ultimately not completion your renovation requirements.

So, why choose us? Jan Antoni, Style Plus Renovations Company Director and principal project manager, has many years of operational and project management experience. With this experience, every project is managed with clarity and professionalism that is expected from a high end renovation company.

A Team Effort

Why Choose Us? Because Its A Team Effort!

At Style Plus Renovations North Shore we believe that it takes a team effort to create an accurate estimate of works. One person visiting the site has the potential to miss important aspects of the renovation and create an inaccurate estimate for the homeowner. This would lead to changes and variations as the project progresses.

Our initial site visit includes the project manager and architect who will be undertaking creating the plans and documentation for the building consent.

During the initial consultation stage, we discuss your requirements with our licensed builders and selected qualified subcontractors. This provides us with an opportunity to identify potential issues that may arise during the project and to document an accurate description of the required tasks.

In some cases subcontractors will also request a site visit due to the perceived complexity of the renovation. Our subcontractors can therefore price their works accordingly.

Cost Estimates

Cost Estimates.

Once we have completed the initial consultation, the allocated builder, architect, engineer and subcontractors will provide an estimate for the works. Once these figures are correlated, an estimate document would be presented to the homeowner.

The detail of this document is set at the level of the complexity of the renovation. However, with all renovations there are typically unforeseen issues that occur. These would be treated as a variation to the contract.

Fixed Price Process

Fixed Price Process.

A fixed price contact offered by Style Plus Renovations, is one option available to the homeowner. It does provide a peace of mind and outlines the payment schedule, contingency cost allocation, and any provisional sums allocations.

Under this contact the initial budget is fixed and will not change unless there are any changes or variations during the course of the project. For example, changes may be due to the homeowner changing their mind about the type of fixtures and fittings or unforeseen issues that require addition labour and materials.

Style Plus Renovations may not be the lowest overall renovation investment presented to you during tendering. However, we will be the lowest at the end of a project.

Architectural Designers & Engineers

Architectural Designers & Engineers.

Architectural Designers & Engineers.

So why choose us? One option that is open to homeowner looking to renovate is to search for an architect or have a architect friend able to undertake the creation of the plans. This approach does work, however, having an architect and engineer that is partnered with the renovation company is a preferred option.

At Style Plus Renovations North Shore we partner with architectural designers and engineers who share our vision and values. Establishing these strong relationships creates a stable creative renovation design team that complements the operational (project manager, builders and subcontractors) team dynamics.

Good Communication Is Essential

Good Communication Is Essential.

Good Communication Is Essential.

“Communication works for those who work at it.”

Jan Antoni Glinkowski - Director, Style Plus Renovations

Ongoing and consistent communication is essential in providing a good project outcome – from concept design to Code of Compliance sign-off.

At Style Plus Renovations we will update you at least once a week, more if the renovation works require it. Keeping the homeowner in the loop is a priority. This ensures that you will never leave you in the dark and wondering what is happening with the project.

As a Stple Plus Renovations client, you will have access to our 24/7 cloud based renovation portal that allows you to view change requests, images, videos, related documentation such as council inspection reports and the project schedule.

Trust and communication are two of our core values. It is important that what is being achieved and discussed on site is translated back to you, so you are able to ask the questions that you may have.

Our Quality Control

Our Quality Control.

The home renovation or new build project quality is managed by a Style Plus program which has two different elements – quality control and quality assurance.

Our continuous improvement program for quality control is built on the projects that we have completed and the lessons learnt.

Our Satisfied Clients

Our Satisfied Clients.

At Style Plus Renovations we always appreciate when we know that the efforts we make for our clients pay off. Get to know what some of our satisfied clients think about our service.

During this renovation project it was obvious that Jan’s project management approach was extremely conscientious regarding the quality of workmanship. We are very proud of our renovated kitchen and living area and the quality of the work is noticeable to all who have seen it. We would highly recommend Jan and the team at Style Plus to others and would gladly work with them again in the future.

F.L & E.L – Mairangi Bay.
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Next Steps

Next Steps.


If you finally made that decision to take the next steps, that great!

It will be the beginning of an exciting journey. However, the first hurdle is where we can help.

The initial consultation is where the project manager and architect will come and see you and listen to your renovation project requirements.

Our goal during the consultation is to understand what you are trying to achieve and put to rest any uncertainties that you may have.

During our meeting we will cover the following:

  • How Style Plus | Renovations work
    Our processes and systems, walking you through from start to completion and how we work with you.
  • Council consents and compliance’s
    What consents and compliance’s you will require. And who will organise these for you.
  • Your needs
    What you are looking to achieve with your renovation or custom build?
    Do I need to move out whilst construction takes place?
  • Timeframes
    Where to start, and how long it will take?
  • Pricing
    How the pricing works, what sort of costs you can expect and the best contract options for you.
  • Project management
    Who does what, why and when?

By the time we have finished the consultation you will have a good understanding of our process, the high level indicative cost of the project and when the architect can being the concept drawings.

After the initial consultation there is no obligation to build with us. There will e no contacts at this stage.

So, if you are still interested in contacting us to discuss your renovation requirements, please give us a call by clicking on the ‘Phone Us’ button below or complete the comprehensive contact us form to book an initial consultation by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button below.

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