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There comes a time during your kitchen renovation when you will have to make a choice on the type of splashback that you will install. Choosing a kitchen splashback is not the easiest task. The team at Style Plus | Renovations Auckland shed some light on the different options and try to make it easier for you to decide on which splashback to select.

  • Glass Splashbacks.
  • Tiles.
  • Laminex® Splashbacks.
  • Tin Splashbacks.
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Glass Spashbacks


One of the most common types of splashback that is being selected during a renovation is the ‘glass splashback’. These types of splashbacks provide a modern, streamlined look and are a popular alternative to tiles.

With an unlimited number of colour options and an easy to clean finish with no joints or grout lines, glass splashbacks are a great way to add a glossy texture and a pop of colour to your renovated kitchen.

There are two varieties of glass – clearfloat and low iron. Both types of glass have the same performance levels. However, the difference between the two is that Low Iron glass is suitable for whites and off-white colours, matching to Resene or Dulux colours and is more expensive. Whereas the Float glass affects lighter colours due to the green tinge.

If you are looking for a colour match using a specific colour we recommend using the Low Iron glass.

The cost of the splashback using ordinary clearfloat glass starts from around $300 per metre square and low iron glass is from around $400 per metre square.

Another popular kitchen splashback trend is using a photograph, digital image, pattern or artwork to create your own printed glass splashback. This technique can turn

your kitchen splashback into a glass feature wall with endless creative opportunities. The ballpark cost for example a 750x1000mm image splashback is around the $1,725 mark. This cost is for an Auckland installation, no cut-outs or special features.

Image on glass splashbacks

• Image On Glass Splashbacks.
• Action Glass.

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Tiles are the more traditional splashback and provide a timeless look.

Tile options today include wood effect, stone effect, metal effect, different textures and a wide range of colour choices, shapes and sizes.

One of the trendiest new developments in tiles is the glass tile. Glass tiles have a shimmering, three-dimensional quality that is perfect for the modern renovated kitchen. They are available in a range of colours that include bold primary and metallic colours. Tile sizes range from tiny mosaics to oversized glass tiles.

The tiles, adhesive, grout, and labour can cost from $70 per meter square.

• Style Plus Tiling & Waterproofing Service.
• Tile Warehouse.


Laminex® offers a great alternative to glass splashbacks:

Laminex® Seratone® panels are pre-finished wall and ceiling panels manufactured on lightweight, high density fibreboard. An anti-microbial silver additive in the UV clear coat protects all Seratone® panels against microbial activity.

Seratone® vertical solutions consist of a range of pre-finished panels, jointing options and accessories. There are two separate Seratone® palettes, specifically designed to complement other contemporary materials such as timber, wood veneer, laminates, glass, granite, steel and paint, as well as each other. Seratone® panels are also suitable to use as a splashback behind electric and gas hobs – however recommended distances when installing the product must be adhered to.

The cost is from $140 per meter square, plus installation costs.

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An alternative to tiles is pressed tin panels.

Each metal panel has a small overlap on every side, to create a seamless join when using more than one.

They are simple to cut, and can be glued, nailed or riveted to your surface.

The cost is around the $150 per meter square mark, plus the installation cost.

• Stamp Pressed Metal

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