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Modern homes aren’t well-known for being spacious. This suits many people who prefer small spaces. They find them cosier and more inviting. With more apartment living, and in houses, lounges often now merging into kitchens – space is at a premium in the majority of affordable properties. But there are interior design tips you can do to make a small space live large.

It’s important to make the most of the space that you have!

So, when renovating your home there are a number of key interior renovation design points to consider. The team at Style Plus | Renovations | Auckland look at six of the common interior renovation design topics;

  1. Seating.
  2. Dining & Occasional Furniture.
  3. Home Office.
  4. TV Screens.
  5. Placement of Art.
  6. Mirrors.
  7. Interior Design & Renovation.
interior space design 01Wherever possible buy more compact sofas and chairs so as not overwhelm the space and make it feel smaller. Lounge items with visible legs will make a room fell more spacious.

You should place sofas and chairs at least 100mm away from the wall. This small space provides an illusion of floating furniture and a feeling of a larger space. Placing the furniture against the wall will detract from that illusion and actually make the room feel smaller.

If you need more seating for guests think about less sofas or chairs and buy multi use pieces. For example good quality sturdy box cubes can be used as a side or put two or three together for a coffee table and then double as stools when separated if there are more guests.

You can also use an ottoman as a coffee table which can be used as seating, and storage as a double bonus if it has a hinged lid.