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Bathrooms are second to kitchens in renovation costs and we know how important it is to create an environment that calms and relaxes


To refresh or renovate your bathroom requires a certain amount of time, energy and planning. Even the simple re-styling job can take time. Then there are the endless choices on offer for people looking to add a new vanity, bathtub or even create a walk-in shower.

Selecting the right tiles can also feel like an uphill struggle due to the large range of different styles, shapes, colours and materials to choose from. The selections may seem endless, and perhaps they are.

In general, it does help if you have an understanding of what you want, what works in your bathroom and what are currently trending in bathroom design.

In this article the team at Style Plus | Renovations Auckland shed some light on tile options and current trends:

  • Bathroom Tile Colour Trends.
  • Bathroom Tile Design.
  • Our Interior Design Service – if you are looking for some assistance in designing your bathroom space.
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When it comes to colour, grey has been a dominant trend seen through bathroom interiors, varying in shades from cool grey to a moody charcoal. Grey tiles will contrast well with porcelain basins, stone features and matt back finishes. For mood, grey evokes calm and relaxing emotions, making it a suitable choice for a bathroom.

Matte, nude and neutral colours are on the rise. These will be perfect combinations for darker greys, and they will introduce some contrast to the overall colour scheme.

New Zealanders love to use natural products in their design and bringing timber styling into a bathroom that creates a natural and breathable space. Timber tiles are now available in many different colours, extra-long 1.8m lengths, and lots of different styles, including distressed finishes.

Black and white tiles have a timeless elegance and have the ability of crossing the lines between contemporary and classic design. Consider matt black as an option for tiles and tapware. Stylish without being overwhelming, matte black bathroom tapware and bathroom accessories will turn any drab bathroom into a sleek and contemporary space.

Patterned tiles are making a comeback. These tiles are quite ornate and often include traditional fleur-de-lis and Moroccan designs. The nature of patterned tiles creates a bohemian and eclectic style to the room, especially if you mix and match different patterns to form a patchwork of colour and design.


A new colour trend has arrived! When you mix the contemporary grey with the neutral and chic beige you get an elegant, neutral “Greige”.

Greige is a mix between grey and beige and it is great for those who want a grey but with the warmth of beige. Even in darker tones, greige is warm and inviting, creating a sense of cosiness.

Resene colour suggestions include:

Resene Triple Rakaia – with its salmon tint in a stony grey beige tone.

Resene Cloudy – a dusty beige grey that partners well with the deep brown Resene Space Shuttle.

Resene Santas Grey – a soft lilac-blue pearl grey.

Resene Eighth Oilskin – a greyed brown dusky taupe, if you like the deeper tones.

Resene Friar Grey and Resene Double Friar Grey – if you like your beiges and are drawn towards the softer, warmer greys.

Bathroom Tile Options 03



Low key neutrals are not always for everyone. A brighter fresher, fun bathroom environment can also be catered for. One design trend that has started to pick up momentum and in our opinion will continue is decorative floral tiles and patterned tiles. The selection of patterns, colours and applications are endless.

Patterned tiles can be used to add interesting detail to an otherwise simple bathroom space design. Alternatively, make a bold statement when used to cover a feature wall. Alternatively create a floor rug effect with a section of patterned tiles.

Choosing the right colour, pattern and scale for a patterned tile is important when planning your bathroom space. Certain patterns will work in certain room design styles and a patterned tile will have as much of an impact on setting the design style of a room as the selection of bathroom ware.

Tip: To start with consider what style of room you are trying to create. Is it traditional or a modern take on a traditional style, retro, industrial, or vintage style?

Bathroom Tile Options 04
Bathroom Tile Options 05


At Style Plus we noticed in 2015 that more people are selecting geometric shapes and patterns for their bathroom tile design. In design, geometric shapes and patterns have been used to enhance the mood, tone and texture of a living space for centuries. We believe that this trend will stick around for a little time longer.

The great thing about this trend is that it can easily be incorporated into any design style. When it comes to adding visual interest to a room, there is no easier way to make an impact than by adding a few geometric shapes.

For example, for a traditional design style, you could incorporate a geometric pattern into the bathroom using wall tiles or accent textiles.

Bathroom Tile Options 06


Large format tiles are being seen in more wall and floor renovations or new builds, to create not only a wow factor but amazing bathroom space designs.

Large format tiles creates a sense of spaciousness. The seamless finish of large format tiles achieves minimal grout lines giving added benefits of less grout cleaning and maintenance. Large format tiles can also be used in both wall and floor tile designs.


So, who says you can’t mix tile sizes or materials in a bathroom design?

Some of the interesting mix & match tile designs incorporate multiple tile shapes and materials into a cohesive composition. Also, choosing similar tiles in coordinating colours allow you to play with a variety of designs and patterns in a single bathroom space.

Another tile trend that we have noticed is unusual subway tile patterns such as herringbone or basket weave. We have even seen different sizes of tiles or different patterns being used together.

Incorporating tile and wood into one bathroom space design could be one of the trends we see evolve over time. However, personal taste and a home’s interior design ultimately guide the bathroom space design direction. So, when you are looking at mixing flooring types you will need to think about continuity and flow.

Bathroom Tile Options 07



At Style Plus | Renovations we understand that when a home owner decides to undertake a bathroom space renovation or create a new bathroom space for their new build, it is difficult to select colours and finishes that work well together.

Ensuring your bathroom space design style fits well with the rest of your home is essential to achieve a successful outcome. This is why we have a personalised interior design service to Style Plus. Our interior designer will visit your home to help you with inspiring recommendations and ideas that would best suit your new renovation or new build. They can also help with selecting the colours, finishes and fittings to complete the look.

Interior design service includes:

• Kitchen, bathroom and laundry design.

• Colour and finishes consultancy.

• Furniture sourcing and design.

• Soft Furnishings.

• Window Treatments.

Project Management.

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