Part 2 of our insight into smart home technology.
We believe that incorporating home automation into your renovation or new build should be an easy & rewarding collaboration from start to finish.


When renovating or building your new home, this is the time to think about installing a home automation system. In this second article by Style Plus, the team looks at Legrand’s Home Automation offerings;

• Legrand Arteor System.
• Modularity & Expandability.
• Functionality.
• The Multimedia Touchscreen.
• Intergration.
• Interior Design Aesthetics.

Home Automation

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Home Automation


Legrand home automation is an attractive collection of electrical accessories and home automation solutions that can be installed during a renovation or new build.

The Legrand Arteor system offers the home owner automation solutions for lighting management, blind, curtain and shutter control, temperature control, audio entertainment, intercom systems and security surveillance. The system ensures home owners can pick and choose functions they require and can upgrade and add more functions as the need arise, offering greater flexibility. This flexible system makes home automation attainable and customisable.


Within the system different elements, for example lighting and sound, are based on the same technology, which means they can be integrated with ease reducing installation time, complexity and cost. The conventional Arteor components such as standard switches and power points, and automation devices such as controllers and touchscreens, share the same cover plates and aesthetic style ensuring uniformity throughout the home.


A unique benefit of the system is that the different systems, like lighting and sound, are based on the same technology so they can be integrated with ease. This reduces programming time, complexity and problems.

Some of the available functions:

• Link your intercom system to your mobile phone and speak to your visitors when you are not at home.

• You can let people into your home remotely and watch them via a special phone app or via your laptop.

• Include a ‘Goodbye’ scenario so you can quickly turn off all lighting, air-conditioning, floor heating, close blinds and turn on the third party alarm system when you leave the house.

• Plug in an MP3 player and listen to whatever music you choose through ceiling and wall speakers.

Home Automation


The Multimedia Touchscreen is a central control point for all of the electrical functions in every room of your home – lighting, blinds, awnings, shutters, air-conditioning, heating, audio entertainment and video intercoms. It is also possible to control the entire system using a smart device, such as an iPad.


A unique benefit of the system is that the different systems, like lighting and sound, are based on the same technology so they can be integrated with ease. This reduces programming time, complexity and problems.

Home Automation


Prior to installation, the Arteor Colour App allows users to test out different colour combinations of switches, power points and cover plates to see which arrangements best fit into the style of a home. Use pre-set wall textures or upload photos to see what works best. The app gives an accurate picture of how the Arteor range looks on the wall by rotating and scaling each selection. This “try before you buy” method ensures that users always make the best selection for their home.

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