If you are thinking about giving your bathroom an overhaul but are unsure how, one way to start is to look to the latest design trends for inspiration.


With so many available gorgeous bathroom styles and ideas, it is hard to make a decision on which vanity and sink to select for your new or renovated bathroom. The team at Style Plus look at bringing style to the bathroom space:

• Types of vanities & sinks for your renovation | new build.
• Stylish bathroom vanities.
• Interior design service.

For 2017, the team at Style Plus predict that the trend for bathroom design will be clean colours, seamless lines and practical and simple space design.


– Jan Antoni Glinkowski • Director • Style Plus

Types of vanities & sinks for your renovation | new build


It’s not easy to pick out a sink for your bathroom when there is a good selection to choose from. There are a couple things to consider when selecting a bathroom sink:

• What is the design style that you want to achieve?

• Is your chosen bathroom design clean lines and modern, traditional or mid-century modern?

Think also about the space you have to work with. From wall hung sinks that attach directly to the wall and do not use any floor space to bathroom sinks that are mounted in a vanity or sit above a countertop, there are many options to choose from.


There are many predictions on what will trend in bathrooms for 2017. After reading the reviews the team at Style Plus predict the following:

• Monochromatic colour combinations, neutral colours and light cool tones will be popular. Neutral colours add spaciousness to modern bathroom design. However, there will be different tones introduced like charcoal, greige and granite.

• Natural materials like timber and stone will remain a popular choice in the bathroom.

• Copper, grey, black and brushed metal tapware will be the popular choices for water outlets.

Tip: Brushed metal is a better choice than black as it will age gracefully over time, whereas black will lose its sheen from water marks.

Dulux Colours for 2017.

Resene Colours for 2017.

Stylish Bathroom Vanities


Bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes. You will want to make sure you have the right one for your design style. Keep in mind that the bathroom vanity is pretty much the centrepiece of the bathroom.

There are three main styles of bathroom vanities:

• Shelf Vanities

• Wall mounted vanities

• Cabinet style vanities


A shelf type vanity is a minimalist type vanity. This type of vanity can be designed in a variety of ways such as wall hung or as part of a free standing unit.

The Progetto Ply25 from Plumbline is a new and extensive bathroom furniture system with drawers and open shelves made from the highest quality 18mm birch plywood. The range has been designed specifically for bench mount basins. The Ply25 1500 open shelf vanity (1500mm wide and exclude basins) which suits two basins mounted in the centre retails at $1,699. Basins to suit are Progetto ‘super-thin rectangle vessel basin’ and retail at $799 each.

Progetto Ply25.

Progetto ‘super-thin rectangle vessel basin’.


A wall mounted vanity is fixed directly on to the wall and does not touch the floor. They look like they are hanging in space.

• The Falper Shape Evo 1830mm double basin vanity from Plumbline has a Biobased Cristalplant vanity top with a solid oak cabinet and three drawers (soft closed drawers are an option). And retails at $11,499.

Tip: If you decide to install a wall hung vanity the following are a few pointers:

• Let your builder and plumber know you have selected a wall hung or floor standing vanity.

• The plumber needs to know the size of the vanity including height and width measurements so the water and waste pipes can be installed correctly in the wall.

• Wall hung vanities are a great look, but planning is essential!

Falper Shape Evo.


A cabinet style vanity is a traditional style of vanity. It can be mounted anywhere along a wall or in a corner, or can even be semi recessed for those who need extra space. In some cases, vanities can even be free standing units which have the appearance of a dressing table.

• The Falper Coco 1830mm floor vanity with basin from Plumbline includes a Coco white ceramic vessel basin. Available White Wood or Gloss Black. Push to open drawer. And retails at $11,999 for the black/white version or $9,999 for the white version.

Falper Coco.

Interior Design Service


At Style Plus we understand that when a home owner decides to undertake a renovation or create a new space for their new build, it is difficult to select colours and finishes that work well together.

Ensuring your new space design style fits well with the rest of your home is essential to achieve a successful outcome. This is why we have a personalised interior design service to Style Plus. Our interior designer will visit your home to help you with inspiring recommendations and ideas that would best suit your new renovation or new build. They can also help with selecting the colours, finishes and fittings to complete the look.

Style Plus interior design service includes:

• Interior design consultancy.

• Colour and finishes consultancy.

• Bathroom wares sourcing and design.

• Window Treatments.

• Lighting.

• Project Management.

Book your consultation today and kick start your renovation project!

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