Why is it important to hire a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)?

The Licensed Building Practitioner logo puts customers at ease by letting them know the building practitioners they are engaging have been assessed as technically competent in their licensed field.

From 1 March 2012 building work (including design work) that relates to either the structure (load-bearing walls; foundations etc) or moisture penetration (roofs; cladding etc) of homes including small to medium sized apartments will be classified as Restricted Building Work.

Restricted Building work may only be carried out by competent licensed building practitioners. Additionally it will be an offence for an unlicensed person to carry out or supervise restricted building work and it is also an offence to knowingly engage an unlicensed person to carry out restricted building work.

You can rest assured knowing that at Style Plus | Renovations | North Shore | Auckland we are fully licensed building practitioners, guaranteeing you that we are technically competent and experts in our field. Whenever you undertake any new building work always hire a licensed building practitioner.

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