How can I keep my project on budget and on time?

At Style Plus our quotes are never one page, we budget for even the most minor of expenses so you know exactly where your investment is being spent. If there are any unexpected expenses that come up along the way you will be notified and we will request approval (through the variations process) for these spends prior to resolving the issue. There are a few steps you can take early on in the building process to combat your build going over budget and over the time frame. These are things like hiring a construction company with project management services that will be able to help keep your costs down, using a good quality certified builder to build your project right the first time, try making all major decisions as early as possible to keep unforeseen costs to a minimum and plan as realistically as possible allowing for contingency just in case.


Choose a reputable builder that guarantee’s their workmanship, we cannot stress this enough. Sometimes you can get an extremely cheap quote that seems almost too good to be true, this can very often be the case. A one-page quote could very well be an estimate instead of a thoughtfully considered quote. When considering hiring a building company ask yourself would you rather a builders who has just guessed a price that would hopefully guarantee them the job or a company that has thought of all aspects of the job, priced the sub-contractors and materials, and given you their best deal for the best quality?


Try to make all major decisions as early as possible. If you are unsure of an aspect of your build, do not wait until a wall is half constructed to realise you want it somewhere else. Variations, while sometimes necessary, have a knock-on effect to the rest of a project both physically and fiscally. All concerns are best addressed as soon as possible. And if in doubt, ask how long you have to lock down a decision so that unforeseen costs are kept to a minimum.


Hire a Project Manager, or a construction company, like Style Plus, that offer this as a part of their service and can ensure that their service is reputable. A good project manager can make all the difference.


While the Architect, Builder and yourself will try to think of every possible cost that will be incurred, try to include a realistic contingency. For example, what if the council changes a standard and the building inspector holds up a build? Not only will your build not move forward until this issue is resolved but your contractors and subcontractors may not be able to finish other aspects of the job, which means you could be in a rental longer and the job goes over time. Who would have known this was to happen? Allow your budget to have room for contingencies and if nothing does happen then you have plenty left in the bank at the end of your project.