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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A Renovation Question?

Do you have a question on home renovations, building process, how do a manage my renovation?

Here’s a list of some Frequently Asked Questions and answers that homeowners typically ask us. If there’s something else you’d like us to answer, or you want talk to us about your renovation, please get in touch. You can contact us or call 0800 789 537.

Do I need a building consent for my extension?2020-12-05T04:35:24+00:00

Do I need a building consent for my extension?

Yes, structural work, additions, alterations to your home require a building consent. A building consent is written approval from the council to carry out specific building work on a specific site. Typically, you will require an architect and engineer to assist you with your building consent request.

What is the cost difference between a ground floor extension and second storey extension?2020-04-18T05:07:47+00:00

What is the cost difference between a ground floor extension and second storey extension?

Yes there is cost difference between building a ground floor extension and building a second storey extension. The difference is between 40 – 60%. This difference equates to the additional structural engineering and additional work that is required to accommodate a second level on your home.

Can I do the demolition myself?2020-04-17T02:18:39+00:00

Can I do the demolition myself?

Yes, you can undertake the none structural demolition yourself. However, ripping out old tiles, lining and bathroom wares isn’t fun. You have to be mindful to avoid damaging pipes or electrical work. However, it will save you about $1,000 but be aware, it can cost you more if something goes wrong.

Do I need a building consent to renovate my bathroom?2020-04-17T01:05:15+00:00

Do I need a building consent to renovate my bathroom?

Renovating a bathroom does not require a building consent unless there are alterations to the buildings structure such as removal of a wall, or the addition of a shower, hand basin, and toilet to a bathroom or ensuite, as these bathroom fixtures are additional to those already existing in the home.

What Is An Indicative Estimate?2020-12-29T02:58:24+00:00

What is an indicative estimate?

What is an indicative estimate? An indicative estimate is an estimate that provides a rough cost projection used for budget planning purposes in the early stages of concept development of a project.

How long does it take for a full bathroom renovation?2020-04-13T04:57:36+00:00

How long does it take for a full bathroom renovation?

At Style Plus Renovations the construction duration for a full bathroom renovation project is about 15 working days (three weeks). It may take longer if remedial or structural work is required. Also, if council consent is required, this will extend the timeline.

Can I Purchase My Own Bathroom Wares?2020-12-05T04:50:44+00:00

Can I Purchase My Own Bathroom Wares?

Can I purchase my own bathroom wares? the answer is Yes. However, they would need to be delivered at specific times during the project. During the early planning stages of the project we discuss the pros and cons of purchasing the bathroom wares yourself. Our preference is to make the design decisions together and we would purchase the item though our suppliers, therefore any issues during the project are easily managed.

Do you use a cloud based system to communicate with your clients?2020-04-11T02:09:00+00:00

Do you use a cloud based system to communicate with your clients?

Yes. At Style Plus | Renovations we use a cloud based construction system called Buildertrend.

Buildertrend is a cutting-edge, cloud-based construction/project management software that provides client communication every step of the way during the project.

How do we communicate during the renovation?2020-04-11T02:15:44+00:00

How do we communicate during the renovation?

At Style Plus | Renovations we have clients who live in Auckland and overseas. All clients have access to Buildertrend. Buildertrend is a cutting-edge, cloud-based project management software that provides client communication every step of the way during the project.

Can I make changes during the renovation?2020-12-29T03:10:21+00:00

Can I make changes during the renovation?

Yes you can make changes during the renovation . We would discuss the changes with you to. If the requests incur additional labour time and/or material costs, this request will be treated as a variation to the contract.

All variations will be cost evaluated and presented to you for approval and sign-off using our cloud based construction system – Buildertrend. No variation work would be undertaken until variation is approved/signed-off.

What are renovation variations?2020-04-11T02:42:30+00:00

What are renovation variations?

Building a new home and renovation a house are different with respect to risks and unknowns prior and during the project life cycle.

For example, a renovation: once the old outer cladding is removed, the condition of the existing framing may require additional time and cost to repair it. The existing wiring may also be found to be substandard and will require changes to bring it up to standards. These examples are just a couple of unknowns that come to light after work has commenced and will require a variation.

At Style Plus | Renovations we understand and are experienced with dealing with unknowns.  Our quotes will attempt to identify any unknowns.  We would discuss with you the potential implications and the options for dealing with them.

Do I need building consent for my knock-down rebuild garage?2020-12-29T03:36:18+00:00

Do I need building consent for my knock-down rebuild garage?

Building consent – From 31 August 2020, some building projects no longer need a building consent.

Before starting any work it is important that you check with your local council during the early stages of your planning.

The following is taken from Building Performance NZ website:

Single-storey detached buildings

Single-storey detached buildings include sleepouts, sheds, greenhouses and other similar structures can be built without a building consent. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are not included in the exemption. Any plumbing work to a new or current building still requires a building consent, and any electrical work will still have to be carried out by a registered electrician.

Options include:

What zone is my house in?2021-01-01T01:29:07+00:00

What unitary plan zone is my house in?

You can find out which zone your house is in by using Auckland Councils Geomap. Just enter you address in Geomap (

Can you help with my interior and finishing options?2020-08-02T23:08:13+00:00

Can Style Plus | Renovations help with my interior and finishing options?

With so many options to select from and many decisions to make, Style Plus | Renovations offers an interior design service that can assist you for all of the design choices.

How Long To Build A Second Storey Extension?2020-04-18T04:44:40+00:00

How Long To Build A Second Storey Extension?

The time period of the completion of the second storey build varies depending on the size and scope of the project. Style Plus Renovations North Shore Auckland have project management processes in place to ensure high levels of efficiency in completing each stage of a job and strive to meet deadlines as best as possible.

Do I need to move out during renovations?2020-12-12T03:24:00+00:00

Do I need to move out whilst construction takes place?

Generally it is recommended that you do need to move out during renovations, as it can mean extended delays as the Style Plus | Renovations team work around you. Also there is the Health & Safety requirements. However, it does depend on the extent of the renovations. This is something that can be discussed at the initial consultation.

Will my second storey extension fit with my existing home?2020-04-11T03:58:19+00:00

Will my second storey extension fit with my existing home?

At Style Plus | Renovations we pride ourselves on our design skills and our ability to produce high quality renovations which are sympathetic with your existing home.

Is Building Consent Required For My Renovation?2020-12-27T08:48:57+00:00

Is building consent required?

You will need a building consent, and possibly a resource consent, for additions and alterations, depending on the rules in your area.

Why is it important to hire a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)?2020-03-29T03:35:00+00:00

Why is it important to hire a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)?

The Licensed Building Practitioner logo puts customers at ease by letting them know the building practitioners they are engaging have been assessed as technically competent in their licensed field.

From 1 March 2012 building work (including design work) that relates to either the structure (load-bearing walls; foundations etc) or moisture penetration (roofs; cladding etc) of homes including small to medium sized apartments will be classified as Restricted Building Work.

Restricted Building work may only be carried out by competent licensed building practitioners. Additionally it will be an offence for an unlicensed person to carry out or supervise restricted building work and it is also an offence to knowingly engage an unlicensed person to carry out restricted building work.

You can rest assured knowing that at Style Plus | Renovations | North Shore | Auckland we are fully licensed building practitioners, guaranteeing you that we are technically competent and experts in our field. Whenever you undertake any new building work always hire a licensed building practitioner.

Looking to know more about Style Plus, check out ‘About Us’.

Do I need to know about the building consent process and what is involved?2020-03-31T04:16:14+00:00

Do I need to know about the building consent process and what is involved?

Yes, it is important to know about the consent process as a building consent is usually needed before a project can begin. The same basic consent and inspection process applies whether building a new home, commercial building or structure and is also subject to renovations, additions, alterations and demolition. It is the architect’s job to draw the plans for the project. Comprehensive plans are required to submit to the building consent authority when applying for a building consent. The cost for a building consent will largely depend on the detail of the plans and specifications of your project. Below are some examples of work that requires a building consent:

  • Structural changes to a building: additions, alterations, re-piling and demolition
  • Plumbing and drainage, this does not include repair and maintenance of existing
  • Relocating a building
  • Installing a wood burner or air-conditioning system
  • Retaining walls higher than 1.5 meters
  • Fences or walls higher than 2 meters, and all swimming pools and their associated fencing
  • Decks, platforms or bridges more than 1 metre above ground level
Consent Process


Complete an application form and submit to the building consent authority.


If the information provided is incomplete, the building consent authority can request further information which could lead to delays so its best to check your application twice to make sure you have not left anything out.


The building consent authority will check the plans thoroughly to determine whether the proposals will meet the requirements of the Building Code and will charge a fee for this process. It’s best to have your plans done right the first time so that you don’t incur extra costs.


The building consent authority has 20 working days to decide whether to grant or refuse a building consent. If more information is needed this can cause delays.


Once fees have been paid, the building consent authority will issue the building consent.


Notify the building consent authority when work begins on a project. A building consent lapses if the building work does not start within 12 months, unless you make arrangements with your building consent authority.


Organise inspections and ensure they are occurring as required.


Finished project and Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) issued.

Inspectors/ Building Inspections

The building consent authority will set out the inspections that are necessary on the building consent. These inspections will come at certain times during the project. At Style Plus we employ our own quality assurance checklist that prepares us for these inspections and ensures we have not missed anything.

Certificate of Building Compliance

At the end of the project a final inspection for a code compliance certificate (CCC) is required. A CCC is issued after the final inspection of the finished building project and confirms that the building consent authority is satisfied the completed building work complies with the building consent.

Is it possible to live onsite during the renovation?2020-04-11T04:18:46+00:00

Is it possible to live onsite during the renovation?

Yes, depending on the project. We’ve had plenty of experience with families who have chosen to do so even in the case of major home renovations. With the right amount of team management, site safety and proper systems and timelines in place, there’s no reason why you can’t live on site.

How can I keep my project on budget and on time?2020-12-30T03:52:40+00:00

How can I keep my project on budget and on time?

There are a few steps you can take early on in the building process to combat your build going over budget and over the time frame. These are things like hiring a construction company with project management services that will be able to help keep your costs down, using a good quality certified builder to build your project right the first time, try making all major decisions as early as possible to keep unforeseen costs to a minimum and plan as realistically as possible allowing for contingency just in case.

Do I need to have insurance arranged?2020-04-18T08:55:32+00:00

Do I need to have insurance arranged?

Yes, definitely. We cannot emphasise enough how important insurance is. Your budget should always include an allowance for building insurance to safeguard your investment. We recommend insurance being in place from day one for the sake of your project reaching its completion no matter what may happen as the process takes place.

What role does a project manager play?2020-12-30T03:51:56+00:00

What role does a project manager play?

The project manager is key in managing the physical building process, managing staff and subcontractors, ordering materials and stock, liaising with clients, council and the architect, ensuring that the elements of the building process come together smoothly. He is the ‘one point of contact’ for the project. A project manager is extremely important in maintaining efficiency, flow and clear communication between all parties. At Style Plus | Renovations our project manager understands the critical part they play in the management of timelines and budgets, which is why we offer this service to eliminate any uncertainty or confusion about who is responsible for what at varying stages of the build, ensuring that your project will be built on time and to your budget.

Why is it important to select a good architect for your renovation2020-12-29T03:43:28+00:00

Why is it important to select a good architects for your renovation?

Selecting a good architects with experience and knowledge of the scope of your project should be able to provide you with advice on everything from optimising living spaces, for a current home renovation, or for a new build, to choosing a reputable builder, creating detailed and accurate drawings and negotiating your building consent and sometimes your resource consent.

At times the roles of both the Architect and the contractor can overlap, so ensuring that both your architect and your contractor are personable, contactable and forthcoming about all information will lead to a positive building process and outcome.

At what stage do I engage the services of a builder?2020-04-11T04:08:42+00:00

At what stage do I engage the services of a builder?

This can vary depending on the building company and whether they are willing to take on jobs that haven’t been drawn up or consented yet. Most companies do not provide this service and typical practice is to involve the contractor’s services once the design has been consented by the council and is ready to be priced by a contractor. At Style Plus we are more than happy to be involved as early as you require, including at the beginning of the process where we engage with the architect. This way we can give you a realistic budget as early as possible. Once your plans have been drawn up we can help with lodging the consent with Auckland City Council.

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