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Flooring Options For Your Renovation Part 2

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Flooring will add style and beauty to your home and will lock your design for an integrated look. in flooring options for your renovation part 2 the style plus team looks at six flooring options, from vinyl to polished concrete flooring that are available for your renovation or custom new build.

Flooring Options For Your Renovation

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Flooring is an important element in your home renovation or build. It will add style and beauty to your home and will lock your design for an integrated look. In this first flooring cost article, the Style Plus team explores different wood, laminate and bamboo flooring options that are available for your renovation or custom new build.


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RENOVATE Looking for inspiration for your renovation? Home renovations are continuing to grow in popularity. Take a look at our renovation articles that focus on all aspects of renovations. Book your consultation today and kick start your renovation project! Contact Us [...]

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Our Renovations

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OUR RENOVATIONS OUR RENOVATIONS With our unique skill set and the types of jobs we have worked on over the years both in the UK and New Zealand, has given us the expertise to specialise in major renovations. At Style Plus | North | Shore | Auckland we stand [...]

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Why Choose Us?

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WHY CHOOSE US? OUR Full Project Management SERVICE The team at Style Plus is a specialist project management company based on the North Shore, Auckland. We select only the best licensed builders and subcontractors to work on our projects. We undertake all types of construction from home renovations to residential [...]

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Solar Power Costs And Options

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SOLAR POWER COSTS AND OPTIONS There is a growing increase in the installation of residential solar power systems. TYPES OF SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS Today there are two main types of solar power systems. The first is a solar power system that generates power and the other is a [...]

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Window Joinery Styles

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WINDOW JOINERY STYLES Windows and doors add character to the façade and define the style of your home WINDOW JOINERY STYLES When you a planning your renovation or new build, there is a good range of residential window joinery styles available to suit any functional and personal [...]

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House Extension Design Ideas

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HOUSE EXTENSION DESIGN IDEAS House Extension Design Ideas HOUSE EXTENSION DESIGN IDEAS Some homes require a renovation due to a growing family or the home is ready to be rejuvenated or given a refresh. In some cases the only option to add more room is to extend. [...]

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Lighting Options With Style

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LIGHTING OPTIONS FOR YOUR RENOVATION When it comes to designing your interior space for your renovation or new build, lighting is one of the most important aspects of your design. LIGHTING OPTIONS The most important concept in creating a good lighting plan for your home renovation or new [...]

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