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At Style Plus we create stylish and beautiful homes for our clients through a range of tailored interior design services.  We help clients looking to refresh a room, kitchen or bathroom. We also help clients who are looking at undertaking a full renovation or are looking to undertake a new build.

5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Wardrobes And Storage


WARDROBES & STORAGE WARDROBES & STORAGE When building or renovating you should design a wardrobe space from a functional perspective. For example, if you do not have a cleverly designed storage system for your clothes, you have a recipe for chaos. One of the secrets behind functional storage systems is to [...]

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Mid-Century Modern Home Renovation


MID-CENTURY MODERN HOME RENOVATION If you've fallen in love with the minimalistic, urban aesthetic of Mid Century Modern design and feel like giving your home a design overhaul, then the following article by Style Plus looks at Mid Century Modern design key points. MID-CENTURY MODERN DESIGN In [...]

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Arranging Furniture


ARRANGING FURNITURE When it comes to arranging furniture in a room, on average people will come up with one or two ideas about how they want their furniture placed - furniture configuration. With a little extra thought and some inspiration a person can come up with a few extra furniture arranging [...]

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Interior Space Design


INTERIOR SPACE DESIGN Interior space design - Modern homes aren't well-known for being spacious. This suits many people who prefer small spaces. They find them cosier and more inviting. With more apartment living, and in houses, lounges often now merging into kitchens - space is at a premium in the majority [...]

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Interior Painting Part Two


INTERIOR PAINTING Part 2 of interior design ideas. We all know that the dreary days of winter can leave many of us restless for change or challenge. This is often the case when it comes to our homes interior especially when it is where we spend much of our time during [...]

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Colours For 2016


COLOURS FOR 2015/16 Part 1 of interior design ideas. Colour is the catalyst that can define the space and create the magic and the mood of a room. When designing any interiors, knowing what colours to use is critical to the success of a room’s appearance and mood. The Style Plus [...]

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Open Plan Living Renovation Specialist


OPEN PLAN LIVING RENOVATION SPECIALIST AUCKLAND In today’s home renovations, the design of an open plan living area with designated zones for cooking, dining and lounging has essentially become standard practice. INTERIORS: AN OPEN PLAN LIVING RENOVATION SPECIALIST There is more to creating an open-plan living space [...]

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