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If you’re looking for bathroom ideas, look no further than Style Plus | Bathroom Design. Our Bathroom Design portfolio brings you a large range of bathroom design articles with inspiration for your renovation or new build project.

Bathroom Renovation Essentials


BATHROOM RENOVATION ESSENTIALS THINKING ABOUT RENOVATING YOUR BATHROOM? Thinking about renovating your bathroom can be exciting. However, it can also become overwhelming. Any renovation is in no way a simple process. The team at Style Plus look at some of the design planning essentials for a bathroom renovation: • Will I [...]

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Bathroom Tiles


BATHROOM TILES Bathrooms are second to kitchens in renovation costs and we know how important it is to create an environment that calms and relaxes. SELECTING THE RIGHT TILES To refresh or renovate your bathroom requires a certain amount of time, energy and planning. Even the simple [...]

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Shower Tile Alternatives | Bathroom Renovation


When it comes to your renovation bathroom design, deciding on the materials for the shower walls is one of the most critical decisions you will have to make - acrylic or tiled shower. Style Plus | Renovations Auckland look at the options.

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Waterproofing And Tiling Services


Waterproofing And Tiling Services Waterproofing And Tiling Services Sadly, anybody can lay a tile, but few people know the correct preparation needed for the vast array of substrates available. At Style Plus Renovations North Shore Auckland, we provide bathroom Waterproofing And Tiling Services. You can be confident that your tiling project will [...]

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