6 Great Renovation Design Ideas For Kids Bedrooms

An older child’s bedroom (“kids bedroom”) is their space; it should provide a place to spend time with friends, do their homework or enjoy quiet time away from the world.

The team at Style Plus | Renovations North Shore Auckland take a look at 6 great design ideas for your kids bedrooms and how you can personalise their bedroom to suit them now and in the future:

  1. Kids space.
  2. A shade of grey.
  3. Kids Beds.
  4. Kids Furniture.
  5. Accessories.
  6. Interior Design Services.

Wallpapering a feature wall may also be an option when you design the room. Check out top wallpaper trends for 2018.

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Homes are your haven and sanctuary, somewhere to rest and relax and enjoy our surroundings. We choose neutral palettes and add and layer accessories to provide sophistication.

So why do so many parents often choose to go wild in their kids bedrooms?

We so often see bright hues of pink and orange, red or blue – would you paint your bedroom in one of those colours?

Pink, orange, red or blue are not restful colours!

Throw in a few of the extensive merchandising options available for favourite characters, and you have a room totally at odds with the rest of your home. One that, more likely than not, you would keep the door closed on when visitors come.

Typically, when kids get to an age of 8 or 9 they begin to develop their own sense of style and what they do and do not like.

An older child’s bedroom is the space where they can be with friends, explore interests and personalise to reflect their growing personality. Bedroom furniture has everything any growing boy or girl needs. Whether, it is their first ‘big kid’ bed, a bedside cabinet, or essential study desk furniture can be designed to cultivate a child’s imagination.

There is furniture and accessories that offer a variety of styling options that will not date as your child grows.


Homes are your haven and sanctuary, somewhere to rest and relax and enjoy our surroundings. We choose neutral palettes and add and layer accessories to provide sophistication. Why change this when updating your kid’s room. Here are some simple rules to follow:

• Avoid bright hues of pink and orange, red or blue on the walls. They are not restful colours.

• Keep the backdrop neutral.

• A shade of grey is a timeless and restful colour.

• Grey provides a neutral, disappearing background to accent colours.

• Using grey as backdrop makes for an easy template with which to work.

Resene – Black | White

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For your kids bedroom renovation, choose a bed that will keep pace with their changing tastes and fit in with a variety of styles of décor and bedding. Always select a suitable mattress for their age and weight.

Mocka Sonata Bed makes a statement in any room with its colour options and vintage style. From basic black or white to a vibrant pink or blue, there is a colour to suit any style of décor. The intricate details and curved ends make the Sonata Bed perfect for a child’s bedroom or guest room.

Simply add favourite hues and a few well-chosen accessories for a room ranging from fun to sophisticated and anything in between.

Mocka NZ


It can pay to add some key pieces from this age as children have matured beyond wall writing and general destruction! These will be pieces that stand the test of time and either become furniture for their first flat, or remain if their empty room becomes a guest room. Look for items that can be dual purpose as their needs change through the years.

Just changing handles or being a bit adventurous with paint finishes can give an immediate a new look to a piece of furniture. The choice is endless and range from boyhood themes like Batman and other action figures, to more sophisticated feminine crystal and porcelain styled ones.

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This is always the fun part and the most easily changeable part of the kids bedrooms design. Your key and most expensive pieces remain, but accessories can be easily changed without a significant cost being involved.

They can have a theme of colour, an interest, or favourite sport. Often they become eclectic, added to as your child creates their own mementos of events, experiences and friendships as they themselves grow.


Interior Design Service | Kids Bedrooms

style plus interior design service

At Style Plus | Renovations we understand that when a home owner decides to undertake a renovation or create a new space for their new build, it is difficult to select colours and finishes that work well together.

Ensuring your new space design style fits well with the rest of your home is essential to achieve a successful outcome. This is why we have a personalised interior design service to Style Plus. Our interior designer will visit your home to help you with inspiring recommendations and ideas that would best suit your new renovation or new build. They can also help with selecting the colours, finishes and fittings to complete the look.

Interior design service for Kids Bedrooms includes:

• Colour and finishes consultancy.

• Furniture sourcing and design.

• Soft Furnishings.

• Window Treatments.

Project Management.

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