Interior Design Black Appliances

Interior Design Black Appliances

Interior Design Black Appliances add an element of sophistication and style to kitchen design.

Interior Design Black Appliances

When it comes to black, it is definitely a colour that is often considered for a kitchen renovation space design or new build kitchen space design.

At the planning stage of your kitchen design choosing a colour for your kitchen appliances is a big decision and you want to get it right because you are going to be living with it for a while.

Two colours and one material dominate choices today. They are white, black and stainless steel. At Style Plus we consider sleek black appliances as a good alternative to high end stainless steel and white coloured appliances.

While stainless steel can attract fingerprints, black appliances tend to hold up better against the assault of sticky little hands and fingers.

The team at Style Plus review 6 black kitchen appliances to add that element of sophistication and style to your kitchen design:


Kitchen Renovations

Why Undertake Kitchen Renovations?

Kitchen renovations can be a major undertaking. So why undertake a kitchen renovation?

kitchen renovations

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, the reasons to change your kitchen may seem endless.

Maybe you are trying to increase the value of your home ready for a sale, or maybe you are just ready to change your dated kitchen for one that better suits your family’s lifestyle.


You may be in a position that your kitchen might simply be worn out and disfunctional. Peeling counter tops and doors, broken or missing cabinet doors and outdated appliances do not inspire gourmet cooking or family gatherings. The deteriorated kitchen has simply outlived its usefulness and needs more than a cosmetic upgrade, it needs a renovation!

kitchen renovations


A key incentive for a kitchen renovation is to create a space to best suit your family’s needs and lifestyle. Looking at how the current kitchen space is utilised or in many cases underutilised by the family is a starting point.


At Style Plus we believe that not all renovation projects are created equal. In general, people who are looking at purchasing a house will look at the kitchen and bathrooms first. While these spaces can be the most costly to renovate they are more likely to pay for themselves.

kitchen renovations

Homeowners often renovate their kitchen space to increase the value or make the home more appealing before selling the property. A renovated kitchen, modern, on-trend and polished will appeal to prospective home buyers more than a worn and outdated one.



Kitchen Design | Rangehoods

Rangehoods For Your Renovation – Kitchen Design

When the time comes to consider which rangehood to install for your renovation kitchen design, there are a couple to choose from:

  • canopy hoods
  • undermount or integrated hoods
  • retractable or slide-out hoods
  • tilt hoods
  • fixed hoods
Miele rangehoods - kitchen design
Miele Rangehoods

canopy rangehoods

Canopy rangehoods have an appearance of a freestanding flue. These types are typically installed above an island cooking area in the centre of the kitchen. Wall canopy types are installed against a wall.

When planning your kitchen design, canopy rangehoods can be on the expensive side compared with the other systems.

Undermount rangehoods

An undermount rangehood or “powerpack” is integrated into the kitchen cabinetry. They are an increasingly popular choice for any renovation or new build kitchen design; unobtrusive and hidden away above your hob.

However, because they aren’t necessarily covering the entire area of the hob, they may not work as well as a canopy rangehood. For example, when extracting steam, depending on where your saucepan is located on the hob, extracting steam may not be great.


bosh-integrated-hood - kitchen design
Bosch Integrated Hood

retractable or slide-out hoods

Retractable or slideout rangehoods have a fan and light that turn on as you slide them out manually.

Due to their smaller steam collection area they are generally less efficient at venting steam. This is especially the case in recirculating mode. On the plus side, once you finish cooking you can push them out of sight and out of the way.

Delonghi Slideout Rangehood

Tilt Rangehoods


Tilted Rangehood

A tilt rangehood has an appearance of a cupboard. However, it is an extractor unit. Typically it is installed into the area above your hob. When the tilt door is pulled open, lights and the extractor motor operate automatically. For kitchens where exterior ducting is not possible, some tilt rangehoods provide a recirculation option.

These types of rangehoods are more effective than fixed ones at removing large quantities of steam. For example, if you frequently cook with all hob elements at once, a good tilt hood may be the best option.

On the down side, the controls for these types of rangehoods are usually typically behind the tilting front and are a little harder to use than the front controls of fixed or canopy types.